No, BTS Isn’t Trying to Sue Big Hit — JTBC Apologizes, Fans Are Angry

Earlier this month, the JTBC program Newsroom made an erroneous report about BTS and their relationship with entertainment company Big Hit that really stirred up a hornet’s nest. The program reported that BTS and Big Hit were getting into it legally over profit-sharing — something that Big Hit was quick to repudiate. JTBC has since made an apology, but it has not been well-received by BTS fans, who feel as if it simply isn’t enough. 

Here’s what we know about the original false report, Big Hit’s reaction, and the following apology, as well as how fans have reacted to the event.

The incorrect report 

RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jin, and V of BTS
RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jin, and V of BTS| Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The incorrect report made by JTBC occurred on a December 9 episode of Newsroom. The report suggested that BTS band members were looking to engage in possible legal action against Big Hit over profit sharing. 

At the time, Koreaboo reported, “At the time of the contract re-signing, Big Hit Entertainment said they would form a 100 member team to take care of BTS’s activities, needs, and other things. However, according to a source close to BTS, there was conflict between BTS and Big Hit Entertainment about the profit-sharing between the group and the company, even before they decided to re-sign their contracts. In the end, the two sides failed to reconcile their differences in opinion for profit sharing, and the case has gone to legal review.”

Big Hit was quick to respond to the claims made by JTBC with a rather lengthy statement. One particularly relevant portion read, “BTS currently has no intention of responding to a lawsuit on exclusive contracts that include revenue sharing. We are deeply sorry that the public was misled to believe there is a serious dispute with our company.”

Big Hit continued, “As for the renewal contract last year, we and BTS recognized each other as equal partners. Recognizing that the process of signing a renewal could not be as simple as the value of BTS creates, we and BTS reached the best model after a lengthy discussion.”

JTBC makes an apology 

 J-Hope, Jungkook, and V of BTS
J-Hope, Jungkook, and V of BTS | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Since Big Hit has refuted the claims, JTBC has been pressed to make an apology, with their journalistic practices called into question by the entertainment company.

Big Hit wrote, “It was not enough to come to our company without prior consultation and ask a one-sided question without any background explanation. We judged that there was a problem with these reports, and secretly recorded the content and then posted it online.”

The document continued, “We have not only the video that JTBC used for the first report but also the CCTV video that recorded the footage of the journalist breaking into our company. It is our position that the media should report according to the principles, as long as freedom of the press is guaranteed, and we plan to raise concerns separately about JTBC’s reporting behavior in this regard.”

“Whatever JTBC’s intention for this report, it is not true. JTBC has reported it as true and related it to issues not related to our company, which has caused damage to us and BTS. We believe that JTBC’s report is a problem and does not comply with minimum principles. We ask for JTBC’s sincere apology and response,” concluded Big Hit.

Song Suk Hee, JTBC CEO, made a subsequent apology. “After follow-up coverage of the report made last week, it was discovered that there is little chance that it would actually escalate into a legal dispute,” said Song Suk Hee. 

He continued, “The agency said it wrote up the most outstanding contract last year for the group, and the BTS members also said they did not have any issue requiring them to request a lawsuit.”

Fans are not happy 

RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V of BTS
RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V of BTS | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

BTS fans don’t feel as if it was enough of an apology, however. One netizen wrote of the apology, “I watched the broadcast and that wasn’t an apology. In an apology, you say that you’re sorry, that you did wrong. Who are you to say false things and then say that you’re going to take on the hate and criticism? And he said that he was regretful that the story came out with their permission? Song Suk Hee, if you do this people will doubt that you are rational. Don’t you know how to properly apologize?”

One YouTube comment read, “You’re regretting man, we need apology, just say sorry. We didn’t ask more than that.”

Another commenter wrote, “Hello?? If yall wanna apologize DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! Please Admit and apologize for trespassing Big Hit Entertainment and Explain WHY did you report this fake news as requested by Bighit!!”