This Is Why We Probably Won’t See Any More Pictures Of A Pregnant Meghan Markle

Being heavily pregnant has not slowed Meghan Markle down one bit. Since the duchess and Prince Harry first announced they were expecting in Oct. 2018 –Markle has shown up to all of her scheduled royal duties engaging in photo opps and taking pictures including overseas royal tours and a lavish baby shower in New York City. In addition to being in the public eye, Markle and the prince have also been preparing to move into their new estate at Frogmore House and split their household from Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.

Though we’ve adored the former actress’ sleek maternity style and smiling face, we’ve probably seen the last photos of Meghan Markle and her adorable first baby bump. This is why we probably won’t see any new pictures of the pregnant duchess.

Meghan Markle just began her maternity leave

Though there has been no official announcement from Buckingham Palace –it looks like Meghan Markle has just begun her maternity leave. Since Baby Sussex is due to make his or her appearance in late April or early May, this seems like the perfect time for the duchess to begin nesting.

Buckingham Palace said in a statement that Markle does not “currently have any more official engagements scheduled.” Vanity Fair has previously reported that Markle wanted to work right up until her due date –and that could very well be the case. However, she’s no longer going to be attending any public engagements or taking any pictures. Instead, the duchess will focus on her new home and preparing for the baby. She will attend “several private meetings” before she gives birth.

How will Meghan Markle spend her maternity leave?

Markle will be taking the time to put the final touches on her new home. The duchess will also use this time to rest and bond with her mom, Doria Ragland who is rumored to be flying to the U.K. soon so that she can be on hand to help the duchess with her bundle of joy. Mostly, Markle will be enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet which means not having to be picture-perfect for the cameras and the public. .

A source told HELLO!, “Harry and Meghan will have plenty of privacy as Frogmore Cottage is located in the Home Park, which is off limits to the public. This means they can enjoy country walks, with Meghan able to push her buggy around the park without being snapped by photographers or members of the public.”

Will Prince Harry take paternity leave?

We’re sure Prince Harry will keep the same hectic schedule that he already has until Baby Sussex’s arrival. This just means we’re going to have to get used to seeing the red-headed prince solo for a while. However, he may decide to take a few weeks of paternity leave when Markle gives birth. For now, the Duke of Sussex can expect his daily commute to get a bit longer. Frogmore House is located in Windsor, so it’s roughly 45-minutes away from London where the duke and duchess’ offices are located.

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