No One Is Handling Quarantine Better Than NBA and TikTok Star Matisse Thybulle

The NBA might be on hiatus for a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t have fun. Players are coping with self-isolating in a variety of ways. One of the obvious ways they are doing so is through social media. No players, however, are doing this as well as Philadelphia 76er, who is taking to TikTok to pass the time while everyone waits for sports to return

Matisse Thybulle on a basketball court in uniform
Matisse Thybulle | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The NBA’s suspension

The NBA world was flipped upside down after it was discovered that Rudy Gobert, who had recently touched every microphone at a press conference as a joke, tested positive for coronavirus. After that, the dominoes quickly fell, as the league canceled games where fans were already in attendance and quickly suspended the season as a precaution.

As part of the protocol during the suspended season, NBA players are not allowed to go to gyms and basketball courts where others might be, as it risks spreading the virus even further. To cope, several players have taken to posting videos of their lives away from basketball. Some of these are slices of life from the safety of their condos and mansions, while others appear hell-bent on using the break to make content for their fans. 

From Dion Waiters posting a video of him rollerblading around the house to an onslaught of looks inside the lives of LeBron James and his family, there is no shortage of NBA players on social media. However, none are doing this quite as well as Matisse Thybulle, who has taken the time to perfect his brand on TikTok. 

Matisse Thybulle on TikTok

Thybulle might not be turning many heads as a role player on the 76ers. He is a rookie who spends most of the games on the bench. Despite this, he has shown some promise when he does get minutes. As of the league’s suspension, he was averaging just under five points, a rebound, and an assist per game. Whenever the league comes back, however, Thybulle is bound to re-enter the league with more fans than he had before it. 

Thybulle began his career as a TikTok star by announcing that he would be making more content amidst a slew of camera tricks. From jokes about technology to videos of him playing with Legos, Thybulle appears to have the time of his life as he gets through the quarantine with the rest of us. The TikTok posts are bizarre, hilarious, and downright creative. 

One particularly memorable video has Thybulle playing some sort of made-up game where he bounces ping pong balls and tries to get them inside the hole of some sort of structure that he keeps around the house. Another had him mocking the fact that the 76ers gave him two basketballs while he’s stuck in his apartment, followed by a video of him dribbling around his living space. 

The world has taken notice, and the likable young 76er had Twitter erupting with laughter as everybody tried to make sense of a world without sports. 

Twitter reacts to Thybulle’s TikTok

NBC Sports’ Brooke Destra helped unleash Thybulle on the world, showing his initial video to the excitement of fans everywhere. 

Sixers Insider Jon Johnson commented about how Thybulle, like the rest of us, is being forced to find new ways to cope with boredom. 

Thybulle’s teammate, Ben Simmons, even commented on Thybulle’s suspension antics while posting a video highlighting his All-Star Weekend in Chicago. 

In a world with so many distractions leading to negative emotions, it is refreshing to see someone using the time to bring smiles to the faces of his fans while he cannot do it on the basketball court. Hopefully, Thybulle can keep entertaining them on the court, too.