Noice! Season 7 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Officially Has a Release Date

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine officially has a release date. The show returns for season 7 on Feb. 6, 2020.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ cast and team | Todd Williamson/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ comes back in February

To announce the new season, NBC pulled a Gina Linetti and gave the people what they wanted. NBC announced the season 7 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with a Die Hard-inspired poster on social media. The poster shows Andy Samberg’s character Jake Peralta with the movie title reading, “Die Harder.”

“Look who’s* back in the right place** at the right time***. * – #Brooklyn99 Season 7 ** – @NBC *** – Thursday, February 6 at 8/7c,” reads the tweet.

Dan Goor is the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as a writer and producer. After the season 7 premiere announcement, Goor wrote about the return of the show on Twitter.

He tweeted, “You have 3 months to buy a new TV — we’re back on Feb 6!!!!!!!!”

The season 7 premiere of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is an hour long

Season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a mid-season premiere date on NBC. While some fans speculated the show would return in January, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns in February after The Good Place ends. The fact Brooklyn Nine-Nine comes back for a seventh season is not even the best part. The season 7 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be an hour long.

This breaks away from the show’s traditional half-hour episodes. The new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is currently slated for 13 episodes. Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine originally started with 13 episodes and was extended to 18 episodes.

“brooklyn 99 season 7 is coming february 6th with a one hour premiere… cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool,” one fan tweeted.

Fans are excited for the new season

While the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems far away, it’s actually closer than fans think. On Nov. 8, the official Twitter account for Brooklyn Nine-Nine shared a post about how soon season 7 arrives.

The post reads, “Remember when Season 7 was just a distant dream? Only 90 days until #Brooklyn99 is back!”

Fans of the show replied to the tweet with their excitement.

“starting my countdown now,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan tweeted, “90 MORE DAYS FOR OUR 99 FAM TO COME BACK!”

What will happen in the new season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’?

While not as dramatic as when Jake and Rosa were falsely accused and sent to prison in season 5, the last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended with several story lines left unanswered. In the season 6 finale, Holt was demoted to a patrolman. This allowed Terry to stay as a lieutenant at the precinct, but everything else is left as an unknown. Jake and Amy also discussed the idea of becoming parents in season 6.

So far, no plot details for the new season have been released. It’s truly a guessing game for fans as far as what happens next. This makes the anticipation for season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine even greater.