Noone in the World Seems More Tired of Jenelle Evans Than Her Mother, Barbara

Jenelle Evans seems to have a knack for making herself out to be the victim in her own mind, and it’s really starting to annoy people. Over the years, the former reality TV star has alienated her own mother, irritated the production company that once signed her paycheck, and defied authority figures at every turn. Her latest personal scuffle has left her without custody of her children and a bad attitude to go along with it. No one, however, seems nearly as tired of Jenelle’s drama than her own mother.

Jenelle is making Barbara’s life as difficult as possible

By the way Jenelle is acting, it seems like she doesn’t realize that both Jace and Ensley would likely be in foster care if it weren’t for her. At least, that’s the way Reddit fans see it. The disgraced teen mom picked a fight with Barbara outside of court on June 4, mere minutes after a judge told the mother of three, she wouldn’t be getting her kids back.

Barbara, clearly in a rush to feed Ensley lunch, attempted to move the process of Jenelle saying goodbye along quickly, but Jenelle was having none of it. Not only did she insist on holding Ensley, but she took the opportunity to badmouth everyone currently caring for her children, including Nathan Griffith and Barbara Evans herself.

Later that day Jenelle took to Instagram to inform fans she’d be calling CPS on her own family. She spoke to the media as well, insisting her relationship with Barbara was absolutely destroyed. Funnily enough, Jenelle remains with David Eason in the home they share. Eason’s behavior is what set Jenelle’s current plight into motion.

Barbara is putting on a good face, though

Babs has got to be tired at this point. Not only is she currently caring for two of Jenelle’s children, but she’s been hustling back and forth to the courthouse to deal with the fallout of Jenelle’s custody battle. Add in the fact that the 67-year-old grandmother has lost her most significant source of income, and the stress must be unreal.

Through it all, though, Babs seems to be keeping her cool and ensuring both Ensley and Jace are healthy, happy, and enjoying their young lives. Since gaining custody of Ensley in mid-May, Barbara has taken to Instagram to keep fans apprised of her movements. The two-year-old daughter of Jenelle and David Eason has hung out at the beach, made a couple of other day trips, and most recently visited an aquarium. The elder Evans posted a sweet photo of Ensley with her older brother, Jace and another child at the aquarium over the weekend.

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Fort Fischer Aquarium,NC

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Kaiser, 4, was missing from the picture. Kaiser is currently residing with his father, Nathan Griffith while Jenelle hashes things out in court. Griffith, for his part, has been posting pictures of Kaiser, as well. Fans seem satisfied that the kids are doing well, but things aren’t going so well behind the scenes and Barbara looks pretty peeved when she comes face-to-face with Jenelle.