Norman Reedus Says He’s Been ‘Begging’ Danai Gurira Not to Leave ‘The Walking Dead’

Norman Reedus isn’t ready for Danai Gurira to leave The Walking Dead

“I’ve been begging her to stay,” the actor, who has played Daryl Dixon since 2010, said during a press conference at San Diego Comic-Con on July 19. “She’s a joy to be around, Reedus added. “I’m going to miss her as much as I miss Rick. She’s awesome.”

Gurira confirmed during The Walking Dead panel in Hall H on Friday that the show’s upcoming 10th season, which premieres October 6, will be her last. 

Will next season really be the last we see of Michonne?

Danai Gurira as Michonne and Khary Payton as Ezekiel  in The Walking Dead | Gene Page/AMC 

Gurira, who has portrayed the katana-wielding Michonne since Season 3, will appear in a handful of Season 10 episodes, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Her departure follows Andrew Lincoln’s exist from the series midway through Season 9. 

While Lincoln opted not to return to The Walking Dead, he didn’t quit the franchise entirely. The actor will appear in three upcoming The Walking Dead TV movies for AMC. However, right now there’s no indication that Gurira will follow his lead and return for those films. 

While Michonne is leaving The Walking Dead universe, there’s still more of her story to tell. “We’re not completely done with her, I’ll say that,” chief content officer Scott Gimple said.

Gimple had nothing but praise for the Black Panther actress. “I really enjoyed telling the Michonne story,” he said. “[Gurira] has some amazing things ahead of her.” 

The 41-year-old actress told the Hall H crowd that she’d be sad to leave the show. “I’m very thankful for the experience I’ve had in ways I can’t state right now,” she said. “My heart does not leave in any way, shape or form. The TWD family is forever. The connection between us never ends.” 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks Negan’s evolution 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan also talked about Negan’s evolution over the past few seasons and what we might see from the character in Season 10, now that he’s finally out of prison, as revealed in the just-released trailer. 

“I think Negan has changed a little bit,” over the years, Morgan said. But while viewers have seen that’s he’s more than just a guy who’s willing to smash people’s heads to make a point, he hasn’t done a complete 180. “Negan is always going to be Negan,” the actor said.  

“I think he’s going to be battling a bunch of things within himself this season,” Morgan added. 

In the Season 10 trailer, Daryl seems ready to take on Negan. But could we also start to see his relationship with Daryl evolve? “I think Negan has always loved Darryl,” Morgan said. “These men have parallel paths … they’re both kind of outsiders in this community. It’s kind of fascinating. I hope we explore it more.” 

Reedus agreed. “I think Daryl and Negan have a similarity somewhere in there,” he said. And now that it looks like there’s a battle between Alexandria and the Whispers looming in the next season, Negan could be a valuable asset. “We might need Negan,” he said.

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