Fans Think North West’s Bestie Looks Exactly Like Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to intense scrutiny on her Instagram page. Earlier this week, fans and critics alike were in an uproar after she posted a picture of herself with her daughter, North West. At just six years old, West is the oldest of Kardashian’s four children and has already had a more charmed life than most adults. West frequently travels the world by private jet, has graced the cover of numerous fashion magazine (including the infamous Vogue) and even modeled in a few runway shows.

Kim Kardashian & North West
Kim Kardashian with daughter North West | Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty Images

Kardashian has made it clear that West has a passion for fashion. The six-year-old loves to raid her mother’s closet and try on her clothing. After Kardashian let the child dress herself for their recent trip to Japan, the Internet learned that West has a penchant for mixing colors, patterns, and fabrics to create fun looks for herself. To most people, it seems that the child simply enjoys playing dress-up, but naysayers are quick to throw their opinions in on the matter also.

Kim Kardashian mom-shamed over earrings

Recently, Kardashian took to her Instagram page to post a picture of herself with West. In the picture, the pair are sporting gold-tone bathing suits and sweetly doing a pinky swear. West is also sporting a rather large pair of gold, hoop earrings. A seemingly innocuous picture, many fans still managed to take offense to it. They accused Kardashian of letting her daughter grow up too fast and not allowing her to be a kid. Hundreds of people began mom-shaming the KKW beauty owner, some even citing that she wasn’t teaching her child to be appropriately humble.

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Pinky swear we’re besties for life!!!

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Luckily, Kardashian’s latest picture of West seems to have drawn fans’ attention elsewhere. “Besties” Kardashian captioned a picture of West, her niece Penelope, by way of her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and two other adorable little girls. The four friends are all dressed in matching shades of yellow and posing sweetly for the camera. However, fans were quick to notice that one of West’s friends looks eerily similar to Kourtney Kardashian.

The resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian

“I’m not sure who the little lady on the left is but she looks more like Kourtney than Kourtney,” one fan stated. “I thought that was Kourtney’s daughter,” another proclaimed. “I was sitting here thinking the same thing. Everything about her looks like Kourtney standing there,” one Instagram user said in agreement.

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One fan even felt that the girl looked more like Kourtney Kardashian than her child. “I thought I was the only one who noticed that. She def could pass as her daughter more than her actual daughter on the right lol,” one fan chimed in. “I looked through comments to see if anyone else thought the same! That’s crazy,” said one fan.


While some fans were convinced that West’s best friend looked like her aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, others were convinced that she looked more like West herself. “North and the girl on the far left (I don’t know her name) could be twins,” one Instagram user exclaimed. “YES, I SAID THE SAME THING,” another fan excitedly chimed in agreement. Others who were familiar with the little girl even said that other members of her family bore a resemblance to West’s family. “That same little girl’s younger sister looks just like Saint!,” the fan said adamantly.

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Besties in Japan

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North West’s bestie, Ryan Romulus

The child in question is actually Ryan Romulus. Romulus is the seven-year-old daughter of Tracy Nguyen Romulus who is the publicist and long-time friend of both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It’s sweet that their children have a close relationship, and if there’s ever a twin day at school, the girls will be more than prepared.