Now on Netflix: 5 Best Superhero Movies You Can Watch Now

Benedict Cumberbatch stands in front of a window in his cape in a scene from Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange | Marvel

Television may be hotter than ever thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but these companies still manage to offer increasingly strong options for viewers searching for movies. In particular, the former has everything from tried-and-true classics to mockumentaries that are just a click away for subscribers.

With films like Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad among the most-discussed of the past year, many Netflix users may be on the lookout for superhero films that they can enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Luckily, Netflix has not only several animated and live-action superhero shows available, but a solid assortment of films as well. Here are a few of the best superhero movies on Netflix right now. 

1. Doctor Strange (2016)

Netflix has started to step up its game by making a deal to include MCU fare in its streaming collection. One recent addition is Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous superhero.

Dr. Steven Strange is an accomplished neurosurgeon, but an accident leaving him without the use of his hands throws him into a bitter state. After he meets a former paraplegic, he follows the man’s advice to China, where he becomes a sorcerer under the advisory of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton). He is soon tasked with saving the universe using his newfound mystical powers.

2. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

An Avengers sequel in all but name, this 2016 blockbuster traces the roots of a conflict between two of the Marvel universe’s biggest superheroes. Following a destructive mission that kills innocent bystanders, the Avengers must deal with the prospect of being controlled by the U.N. However, Captain America and Iron Man don’t see eye to eye on the issue and it isn’t long before the controversial proposal splits the superhero team in two.

3. Hellboy (2004)

Guillermo del Toro took the titular Mike Mignola and made him mainstream with this supernatural action ride that finally gave scene-stealer Ron Perlman his own franchise. The film follows a covert government agency that deals with paranormal threats. It centers on a moody demon with a love of cats and a pyrokinetic young woman (Selma Blair).

As quirky as it is action-packed, Hellboy is a must-see for anyone who revels in the fantastical and superheroic. It’s a big-screen incarnation of perhaps one of the most distinctive comic book characters ever to hit the page or the screen.

4. The Punisher (2004)

Netflix will soon debut a new series featuring this Marvel character, but in the meantime, you can get your fill of vigilante carnage with this 2004 feature film. Starring Thomas Jane in the titular role, this film tells the story of the Punisher’s origin, when he witnesses the murder of his wife and children. John Travolta and Rebecca Romijn costar, as the primary villain and the Punisher’s wife, respectively.

5. Kung Fury

Casual fans of the genre may not be familiar with this title. The Swedish English-language short film is a comedy both poking fun at and paying homage to the ’80s Kung Fu films that so many were fond of.

The plot depicts a ninja cop who is sent back in time to kill Hitler. Crazy enough for you? Featuring purposefully terrible dubbing, extensive green screen, and a David Hasselhoff cameo, this crowd-funded 30-minute romp is a laugh fest from start to finish.

Additional reporting by Evie Carrick and Becca Bleznak.

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