*NSYNC Thought They Were Just On a Break — What Changed?

*NSYNC was arguably one of the greatest boy bands of all time. They have several chart-topping hits and had a huge global fan base. During their career, *NSYNC had accumulated eight Grammy nominations, five Billboard Music Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards, and three American Music Awards.

They were also selling out huge arenas around the world almost every night. For a while, it seemed like everywhere you went, you saw a young teenage girl wearing an *NSNC t-shirt or heard their iconic song, Bye Bye Bye blaring on someone’s car stereo.

So, with their bad gaining so much success and each individual singer having unimaginable fame, why did the *NSYNC guys decide to call it quits?

Well, they kind of didn’t. At least, they didn’t realize that they were actually breaking up at the time. Here is a complete history of the dissolution of *NSYNC to help you better understand exactly why this iconic musical group is no longer together.

When did the band stop making albums together?

Singers Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In 1995, Backstreet Boys manager and professional conman Lou Pearlman was wanting to take advantage of the “boy band craze” that was sweeping over the world in the ’90s and was looking to put together a new band.

After doing a little scouting, he had decided to put Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Joey Fatone together in hopes of making them as popular as the Backstreet Boys currently were.

It didn’t take long for Lou’s dreams to come true. Not long after the *NSYNC cut their first record, they were going on tour and selling out every seat in the house. They were the true definition of an overnight sensation. 

After the boys had been touring for about seven years and had sold millions of records, they had decided to take a break for a little while to unwind. According to the HuffPost, Lance Bass said that the band had agreed on a set time that they would take a break for before they decided to regroup and start touring again. 

“We all decided, ‘OK, six months. We need it. We need the vacation time, we need the downtime,” Lance had said. “But when we came back, it just…everything changed.”

Why didn’t *NSYNC ever get back together after their break?

HuffPost sat down with all the members of *NSYNC and asked them what they had thought the cause was. While some of them had their own theories about why the band never got back together, there was a subtle hint that Justin Timberlake was the actual reason why the short hiatus turned into the end of *NSYNC as we know it.

Right after *NSYNC had decided to take a much-needed vacation, Justin Timberlake had debuted his first solo album entitled Justified. The album was an immediate hit, and soo Justin found himself selling out arenas without the help of his four other friends.

Joey Fatone told HuffPost: “We thought we were getting back together. It was, ‘OK, after [Justin] does his thing, blah, blah, blah, we’ll get back together and move forward and do what we got to do.’ And then it was like, ‘Nope.’ The record company wanted to push Justin, I guess is what it was.”

JC Chasez went on to start his own solo career and had said that ending the group was something the entire band had agreed on. However, the other three members of the band had said that they were always under the impression that one day the band would be getting back together.

And after a while, they just realized that NSYNC was probably never going to get back together.

Were there any hard feelings towards Justin?

All of the *NSYNC band members have moved on and started new careers. There doesn’t seem to be bad blood between any of the former band members. In fact, they all have said that they still keep in touch and are still good friends with one another.

Justin’s solo career may have been what had kept *NSYNC from returning to the stage together. However, they all seem to be sincerely happy for Justin and proud of all of the success that he has been able to have with his career.