‘The Office’: Is This Cast Member to Thank for the ‘Office Ladies’ Podcast?

When fans of the hit NBC show, The Office, learned that two of their favorite cast members were teaming up for a new podcast called, Office Ladies, they were truly overjoyed. Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey went from being castmates to best friends to business partners and they couldn’t be more excited about their current venture into the podcast world. But, just how did they come up for the idea for the new show, and did another cast member from The Office influence their decision to start the podcast?

The Office cast member Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey
Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey | Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Though the Office Ladies podcast is only two episodes in, it has already garnered a massive following. It currently rests at number three on the iTunes top podcasts chart and has thousands upon thousands of five-star reviews. Fans of the show eagerly tune in each week to listen to Kinsey and Fischer dissect an episode of the popular show. But just how did these cast mates turned best friends come up with the premise for Office Ladies.

Where the idea for Office Ladies came from

The idea for Office Ladies began where most bands are formed, in a garage. According to Kinsey, she has tons upon tons of memories and trinkets from The Office packed away in storage. “I was going through my garage, and I have all of these Rubbermaid bins full of photos and memorabilia. Jenna jokes that I’m a hoarder because I save everything. I would save a little note that Oscar passed me, a drawing that Jenna drew or a prop. I have Michael Scott’s business card,” The Office cast member began in an interview with The New York Times.

But, when Fischer came over whilst Kinsey was poring over all of her keepsakes from The Office, they started thinking about a way to reunite whilst paying homage to the show. “So I was going through it all and Jenna came over and was looking through it with me, and it made us really nostalgic. We started reminiscing, and the 15-year anniversary is coming up so we thought this is a great opportunity for us to rewatch it and talk about our memories, our behind-the-scenes moments and share it with the fans,” Kinsey shared.

Rainn Wilson’s influence

But just why did Fischer and Kinsey choose a podcast as the medium for Office Ladies? According to the best friends, it was another cast member from The Office who first convinced them that they would do well with their own talk show. That person was none other than Rainn Wilson, who plays fan-favorite, Dwight Schrute, on the show. “Rainn Wilson used to say we should have our own talk show,” Fischer confessed. Naturally, it’s only fitting, that Wilson will be the first guest on Office Ladies in the “Health Care” episode that premiers tomorrow.

Ever since Wilson told Fischer and Kinsey that they should have a talk show, it’s been something that the pair has dreamed about for years. This is what eventually led them into releasing Office Ladies as a podcast, rather than through an alternative medium. “We have dreamed for many years of one day taking over the fourth hour of “The Today Show.” I’m going to keep putting it out there until it’s a reality. That was what morphed into the idea of a podcast,” Fischer confessed.

Why Office Ladies works well as a podcast

Furthermore, the two Office cast members confessed that because the show is shot documentary style, it lent itself to a podcast. “The show’s documentary format makes it very easy to revisit one episode at a time. We’re going in order, but even if we hadn’t, you can watch almost any episode and basically know where everyone’s at. But also, “The Office” is just so beloved. The people listening to this podcast will have probably seen it way more times than even Jenna and I have. They have a real handle on each episode. They have very strong memories of the episodes,” Kinsey explained about The Office and its superfans.

We’re so happy that Fischer and Kinsey followed their instincts to bring us this fun, new, podcast. We can’t wait to see what Wilson adds to the mix on this week’s episode.