Offset Reveals How Cardi B Changed His Life for the Better

Offset is no stranger to relationship woes. In just the past few years his relationship with rapper Cardi B has gone from the highest of highs to complete separation. But the rapper is now claiming to be a changed man and he owes most of that improvement to his lady.

On Wednesday, Offset went on the popular radio show The Breakfast Club to address his past infidelities and the public’s affect on his relationship.

“I did some things that’s wrong, but bro, don’t kill me,” he said. “Allow me and my people to work this out, ’cause now it’s serious. It’s not no game.”

Offset has been publicly trying to make up for his past transgressions since his wife called things off. On Dec. 9, the 27-year-old tweeted that he missed the mother of his child.

He also famously interrupted her Rolling Loud performance to ask for her forgiveness.

Since Cardi has taken Offset back, he has really focused on bettering himself for her and their daughter Kulture.

“You gotta learn it’s not no game,” he said. “It’s a family thing. You can lose it,” he explained. “I don’t give a damn, I love my girl. I don’t ever wanna lose that feeling.”

The rapper said that he and Cardi have been using this time to really get to know one another and work through their issues.

“Not on the TV though, real behind the scenes, getting to know each other, getting to know who you’re with and appreciating them all the way around,” he continued.

Offset also told the radio show that he is slowing down on his drug use to be a better man for his music and his family.

“I’m cleaning that up right now,” he said of his use of lean. “Because I just know on lean, I ain’t gonna make $100 million. You can’t really work. It’s like you’re a whole other person. No matter what you are doing. And I’m just starting to learn like ‘what is it doing for me? What is it doing for someone else’s kid when they look at me?'”

Cardi was not a fan of his drug use, either.

“She talked to me [about it],” Offset continued. “With your significant other, you know what they saying even though they might not be saying it.”

He went on to say that lean could cause him to lose his family if he wasn’t careful.

“Certain things you do, if you don’t change it, you lose the people around you and you’ll make poor decisions.”

Cardi B and Offset’s relationship

Cardi B and Offset met when they worked on her song “Lick” together. In May of 2017, the couple went public with their relationship. In September, the two had a secret wedding in Cardi’s bedroom.

Offset officially proposed to the rapper onstage while she performed at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert.

In July of 2018, the couple welcomed their baby girl, Kulture into the world.

By December, Cardi took to Instagram to announce that she was leaving her husband.

“It’s [nobody’s] fault, I guess we just grew out of love, but we are not together anymore,” she said in a video on the social media site.

Since then the two have been working on their issues.

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