Offset Says He and Cardi B Are Closer Than Ever Because of Quarantine

Cardi B and her husband Offset are two of the most successful and influential musical artists in the world. The two high-profile rappers first met in 2016, and were married in 2017.

The couple is frequently in the public eye due to Cardi’s massive popularity, and the focus on the has continued to expand as Offset has grown as an artist and overall celebrity. Offset first gained notoriety as a member of the popular rap group Migos, which consists of his cousins Quavo and Takeoff.

In an interview with GQ, Offset, real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus talked about his impressive collection of designer clothes, what popular television show he’s binging, and his relationship with Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B.

Who are Cardi B and Offset? 

Offset and Cardi B
Offset and Cardi B | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

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One of hip-hop’s premier power couples, Offset and Cardi first met at an industry event sometime in 2016. The two have a daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born on July 10, 2018.

Kulture is Cardi’s first child, who she frequently praises and shows off on her Instagram. Offset has four children total, which was the theme for his solo album Father of 4. Cardi was featured on the album, on the song Clout. Offset has been featured on a number of Cardi’s songs, and vice-versa. Popular songs that the rappers-in-love have appeared together include tracks Motorsport, Drip, and Lick.

These collaborations have appeared on Cardi’s albums Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 2  and Invasion of Privacy and Migos’ Culture II. The two musicians have also recently entered the field of film and television. Offset has his web short series Skrrt with Offset on Quibi and recently made a cameo on the popular program NCIS: Los Angeles. 

Cardi’s on-screen roles include appearances on reality shows Love and Hip-Hop on VHI and Rythm and Flow on Netflix. She also had a role in the Jennifer Lopez starring Hustlers, and has landed a role in the extremely popular Fast and Furious franchise. 

What did Offset say about quarantining with Cardi B? 

Despite claims that Offset has not always been faithful to Cardi, the couple now seems to have a strong and loving marriage. In his GQ interview, Offset said that he and Cardi have enjoyed some rare relaxation time together while in quarantine.

When asked if the isolation has brought them closer together, he said: “Yessir. Both our time and both our schedules be hectic, so we’re taking advantage of that.”

The two’s relationship has had its up and downs, including Cardi’s public declarations that the two were not together at all, and an Instagram post that the two would be splitting after a short time being married.

These rumors seem to be in Cardi and Offset’s rearview mirror, and the two are happily quarantining in their gorgeous Los Angeles mansion with their daughter. 

What else is Offset doing during quarantine? 

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Offset and his fellow Migos are some of the hardest working artists in the music industry, and the isolation of quarantine has inspired them to push even harder. Offset has said that the group of family rappers is ready to move forward and drop their next big hit record.

Both Offset and Cardi have many hit records, and will likely continue to dominate the music industry for years to come. Cardi is also a proficient rapper, and will likely make an appearance on upcoming any Offset and Migos projects.

Besides making music, the couple has spent quality time together watching Netflix. Like everyone in quarantine, the two watched the unbelievable documentary series, Tiger KingOffset has also been busy displaying his massive outfit collection.

Not to be outdone by his wife’s impressive collection of fashion wear, Offset is an excellent dresser. The two well-dressed musicians seem to be enjoying their downtime but will surely get back to being two of the biggest stars and most visible stars in the world as soon as possible.