‘OITNB’ Season 3 Trailer Promises Piper-Alex Drama

Netflix has just released the trailer for the third season of its popular prison dramedy Orange Is the New Black, and it looks like the third installment is going to have more crazy drama and all the kooky characters that fans of the series love. With one disliked character leaving and one fan favorite coming back as well as more of the show’s signature blend of hilarity, drama, and a top-notch, highly diverse, and almost all-female ensemble cast, Season 3 of OITNB could be the show’s best yet.

The biggest news about Season 3 for fans is that Laura Prepon’s character Alex Vause, who is the on-and-off love interest of star Taylor Schilling’s character Piper Chapman, will return to the show full-time after only appearing intermittently in Season 2. Prepon’s schedule filled up after filming the first season, as no one predicted the show was going to be such a massive hit. Fans were disappointed that Piper and Alex weren’t often seen together in Season 2, but Prepon has promised that her character will appear in every episode in the third season. The trailer offers the first glimpse at her character in the third season, as she grapples with being thrown back in prison for violating her parole after briefly being released in Season 2.

Back at Litchfield Correctional Facility, her and Piper will have to deal with their volatile relationship, which resulted in Piper and her fiance Larry breaking off their engagement. Fans will remember that Piper is the person who set Alex up to be thrown back in prison as revenge against Alex’s betrayal, which got Alex out of prison, in Season 2. Of course, Alex is the reason that Piper landed in prison in the first place, kicking off the show about a yuppie who goes to jail for a crime she committed under the influence of her drug-smuggling girlfriend 10 years prior. Needless to say much to fan delight the emotions between the pair will be running high in Season 3.

We only get a tiny glimpse in the trailer of the new inmate that has fans excited, Stella Carlin, who will be played by Australian actress Ruby Rose. The character will be a “lust object” for both Piper and Alex, further complicating their tumultuous relationship. Netflix said the character’s “sarcastic sense of humor and captivating looks quickly draw the attention of some of Litchfield’s inmates.”

We already know that Piper’s much-hated fiance Larry, played by American Pie’s Jason Biggs, is off the show for now. In Season 1 he provided necessary context to Piper’s journey to prison, as we needed to understand the home life she was leaving to serve her time for a crime committed long ago. But in Season 2 he became more of an antagonist as he tried to seek revenge for her cheating from the outside, and fans mostly just hated him as they rooted for Alex and Piper’s relationship. Most are happy that he’s gone.

As for the other characters, there appears to be a conflict brewing between Sophia and Gloria, Big Boo gets a makeover, the pregnant Dayanara and prison guard John resume their secret romance, and Crazy Eyes starts writing erotica. Creator Jenji Kohan certainly has many more surprises in store for the show’s third year.

The season will premiere in its entirely for your binging pleasure on June 12.

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