‘OITNB’ Season 7: Piper’s Back, But Not Behind Bars

It’s only a matter of weeks before the ladies of Litchfield return to our screens for the seventh and final season of Orange is the New Black, and it looks like things are about to get real.

The popular Netflix series started following Piper Chapman from the beginning of her time behind bars, but in season 6, she got out of Litchfield, which left a bunch of lingering questions regarding her release. But now, Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming season, and it shows Chapman’s (intense) life after lockup.

Cast of "Orange is the New Black"
Jackie Cruz, Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling, Yael Stone, and Uzo Aduba | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

The ‘Orange is the New Black’ season 7 trailer is a lot to handle

On June 26, Netflix released the trailer for the highly-anticipated season, and it’s not all peachy. Although Chapman is a free woman, she has a tough time transitioning back into society. Her life consists of making copies in an office, meeting with a probation officer for drug tests, practicing archery, and getting her hair done by Sophia, who also got out of Litchfield last season in exchange for her silence regarding the inhumane treatment she experienced at the center.

“Life likes to test you, and when you make a bad choice, living with what you’ve done can be its own punishment,” Taystee says a voiceover.

How did Chapman get out of Litchfield?

In case you need a reminder or don’t mind a spoiler, Chapman earned early release. She had five months left of her sentence, but got bumped to the top of the early release pile.

What happens to Alex Vause?

The trailer doesn’t go into detail about Alex Vause, who has four years left of her sentence. While Chapman made a “vow” to wait for her new wife on the outside, it’s unclear if and how things have changed for them.

The trailer only gives a glimpse of Vause while she’s in visitation with Chapman. With tears in her eyes, Vause tells her wife that it’s “good” to see her.

Alex Vause could get in trouble

In season 6, Chapman asked Vause to “promise” she would get out of Litchfield so they could be together, but things may not pan out that way. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Laura Prepon, who plays Vause, suggested things could get really ugly. She said that while Vause tries to “stay on the straight and narrow for Piper,” she has to do to what she has to do to survive.

“I think Alex sees the reality of the situation and knows how much more time she’s in there for. I think in the back of her mind, she knows she’s going to have to do some things to survive that aren’t going to lend itself to taking classes. And it’s unfortunate,” she explained.

“Alex is really smart, but it’s just one of those realistic things where, especially now with Piper gone, she’s going to have to survive,” Prepon continued.


Well, season 7 premiers on July 26. Fans will be able to see how this story concludes then.