The Olsen Twins Are Now 30 Years Old…and Looking Completely Different


Everyone remembers the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, as America’s sweethearts as the duo took turns portraying Michelle Tanner on the 90s sitcom Full House. The enterprising sisters were able to take their fame from that one role and transform it into an enterprise that put estimates of their worth at nearly a billion dollars before the even turned 21.

Well, in June, the famous twins turned 30 years old, and if you still think of them as the precocious toddlers or the tweens with the DVD movie empire…

…you’re in store for quite a shock.

Let’s start with a look back at duo’s beginning.

ABC Television

ABC Television

They got their break way back in 1987 at just over a year old. Because certain laws govern how much kids (especially ones that aren’t even two years old!) can work in a day, the producers for the ABC family sitcom set out looking for twins so they could swap one for the other in order to double the amount of time they could shoot scenes with the character they played, the adorable Michelle Tanner.

Once they were old enough to speak and memorize lines, they quickly became household names throughout the country.

And by the time they were just five years old, they were pursuing outside projects on their way to building a media empire.


Olsen Video

The next step in their career was an extremely popular series of DVD movies aimed at their die-hard tween and child fans. Starting with To Grandmother’s House We Go in 1992, they put out over 20 such films which were wildly successful. The steady stream of films meant that America was watching these toddlers grow up before their eyes, even after Full House went off the air.



But it wasn’t long before the Olsens springboarded into their next venture – fashion. In 2001 they created their own fashion line and found themselves the faces of not one, but TWO huge businesses…all before their 16th birthday. After a few more DVD and feature film efforts, they found that they weren’t drawing quite the same fans that they had been when they were younger, so their focused shifted almost exclusively to fashion.



Not only did they run their own label, but they also served as fashion icons themselves, helping spread bohemian-chic looks across the pages of fashion and celebrity magazines. If you ever wore a dress over jeans, you’ll probably be interested to know that the Olsens were the ones that pioneered that look.

Now, 15 years later, see how grown up the two actually are. In recent years, they’ve become virtually unrecognizable. Take a look at what they look like in 2016, at age 30, on the next page.


The Row

Yup! The Olsens are now nothing short of grown-ups. And chances are, if you remember them from their early days, then you are too. They’re still running their fashion efforts with great success, having spun it from a minor store label meant to cater to fans to an international house (The Row) with millions in sales every year.

And they’re certainly looking the part of fashion mavens, aren’t they?