‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts New ‘Frozen’ Characters, But Who Will Be Elsa?

Once Upon A Time fans should prepare for a blast of cold with the introduction of several new Frozen characters in the show’s upcoming season. Months after the big Season 3 finale confirmed that Queen Elsa would be joining the fantasy series in Season 4, it’s confirmed that two more characters from the 2013 Disney hit film will also be getting embroiled in the fairy tale drama.

Newcomer Elizabeth Lail will play Elsa’s optimistic sister, Anna, who values her relationship with Elsa more than anything. Meanwhile, Scott Michael Foster, known primarily for his role as Cappie on ABC Family’s Greek, will play Kristoff, the handsome and sometimes gruff ice cutter who befriends Anna.

The news may be a disappointment for Frozen fans who were hoping to see Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff, who voiced the roles in the film, take on the characters in the series, as well. But the casting is probably music to the ears of Once Upon a Time fans looking for a fresh take on the tale. Lail bears a strong resemblance to Anna, while Foster, as fans of Greek know, seems made to play somewhat naive but always lovable characters, like Kristoff. Both characters are set to appear in six episodes of Season 4. According to TV Line, Kristoff has moved to Anna’s castle and is adjusting to life indoors when viewers first catch sight of him on Once Upon a Time.

Of course, this leaves fans with one big question: Who will play Queen Elsa?

While there has been no official word yet on who will portray the queen of Arendalle, rumors about which stars may be up for the part have been running rampant since the Season 3 finale. Among the big names dropped? Gossip Girl alumnae Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, Broadway vet Megan Hilty, English actress Holliday Grainger, and former Glee star Dianna Agron. One of the other most popular options is Bell herself, who, though she voiced the role of Anna in the film, has more Elsa-like physical characteristics and would probably look right at home in that blonde braid and glittery blue gown.

One thing’s for sure: Whoever takes on the role will have high expectations to meet. Fans are struggling to accept that Once Upon a Time will likely be deviating from the Disney film and putting its own potentially darker twist on the Frozen plot. Producers of the series have already hinted that the character of Elsa will be portrayed as a villain throughout her storyline on the series. She is rescheduled to appear in approximately nine episodes of the season, which should provide plenty of time for her character to stir up lots of trouble in Storybrooke and establish relationships with the other characters.

Wherever Once Upon a Time takes the new Frozen characters, viewers can only hope their introduction will breathe new life and energy into a show that, other than a complicated but heated relationship between Hook and Emma, seems to have been stalling plot-wise in recent episodes.

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