How Fans’ Passion Brought Shows Like ‘One Day at a Time’ Back From Being Canceled

Every fan is sad when their favorite show gets canceled. However, now, with the Internet, fans can make their voices heard. By trending on Twitter and tweeting to networks, fans can show their passion for their favorite canceled shows. In some cases, like with One Day At A Time, it works and the show is brought back.

In other cases, like with Sense8, fans are still fighting for more seasons of their favorite show. However, the fact that fans can bring shows back even if only for a short time shows the power of the Internet and what a large group of people who are determined can do. One Day At A Time is one example of this phenomenon but it’s not the only one. Let’s take a look at different shows that fans managed to bring back for new seasons — or at least get some sort of closure on.

How did fans bring ‘One Day at a Time’ back from being canceled?

One Day At A Time cast at the season 3 premiere
Stephen Tobolowsky, Marcel Ruiz, Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez and Todd Grinnell | Rachel Luna/Getty Images

How exactly did fans save One Day At A Time? Well, first of all, fans managed to make #SaveODAAT trend worldwide on Twitter for a few hours. This shows how much fans really loved the show and wanted it to come back. A few famous fans even got involved, such as Lin-Manuel Miranda and Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero.

Beatriz and Fumero both had guest roles on the show and genuinely seemed to love it. Does this mean we can expect Lin-Manuel Miranda to guest star in the future? Only time will tell. He did guest star in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after all, after helping to save it.

What other shows have gotten the ‘One Day at a Time’ treatment after being canceled?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine itself was resurrected by fans. This was a bit of a roller-coaster ride with the show being canceled and renewed in only 31 hours. Obviously, when news of the cancellation got out, fans went to Twitter to express their sadness and outrage at the show being canceled.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of these fans, tweeting that he “only watches like four things” and that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one of them. Fans were grateful to have his support and were extremely glad when NBC decided to bring the show back after it was canceled by Fox. Now the show lives on on another network, which would not have been possible without the fans.

What happened with ‘Sense8’?

Sense8 fans are possibly one of the biggest, most passionate examples of fans rallying to save their show. Many fans even canceled their Netflix subscriptions at the time to show support for Sense8. Due to the enormous outpouring of love from fans after Sense8 was canceled after season 2, the streaming service brought the show back for a finale movie. However, many fans feel that there is still more story to be told and therefore the fight for season 3 continues.

While it is probably unlikely that Netflix — or even another network or streaming service — will bring back Sense8, fans are determined. So you never know. Perhaps Sense8 will be revived yet again.

One thing is clear: fans have more power than they think they do. So if your favorite show is canceled, don’t fear, perhaps fans can revive it. Look at One Day At A Time, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, even Sense8. Other successful fan campaigns to revive shows include Lucifer, which is now available on Netflix after being canceled by Fox. No matter what, know that your favorite show will always be there for you to rewatch, and that no network or streaming service can take that away from you.