‘One Day At A Time’ Has Been Canceled By Netflix

What Netflix giveth, it can (and often does) taketh away. After weeks of speculation, Netflix has canceled One Day At A Time, a sitcom rebooted from the 1970s one of the same name. The series has earned itself critical praise and a passionate fanbase due to its commitment to showcasing diversity and real-world situations in an entertaining and educational manner. Here’s what we know about the decision.

One Day At A Time cast and crew
One Day At A Time cast and crew | Robby Klein/Getty Images

What is One Day At A Time about?

The multi-cam sitcom stars Justina Machado as Penelope Alvarez, a nurse and veteran raising her two teenage children after her divorce. The three of them live with her mother, a Cuban immigrant, in an apartment in Los Angeles, and are friendly with their landlord, Schneider.

Many different themes and topics are addressed throughout the series. Mental health, addiction, immigration, racism, sexuality, gender identity, drug use, and much more are common subjects, though the show manages to do so in a way that makes them both enjoyable to watch and easier to understand.

For weeks, there has been talk about the future of the show

After Season 3 of One Day At A Time began airing in February, the discussion around its renewal ramped up. Though it was as well-received (if not more) than previous seasons, creator Gloria Calderón Kellett shared with her Twitter followers that while Netflix executives claimed to love the show, the viewer numbers just weren’t high enough to guarantee another season. She encouraged fans to watch and get their friends and family to watch, too. The hashtag, #RenewODAAT, was born.

One Day At A Time has officially been canceled

In a multi-tweet statement, Netflix revealed that it has opted not to renew One Day At a Time for another season. Calling it a “very difficult decision,” the thread went on to thank executive producer Norman Lear (who created the original One Day At A Time), Kellett and co-creator Mike Royce, and the stars of the show (whom it called “family.”)

While Netflix notes that it understands how the show made so many feel represented for the first time, it blames the lack of people watching the show — however, as per usual with the streaming service, it has not released any numbers, so there’s no way of knowing if it brought in more viewers than any of the other series that have stayed on Netflix.

Creator statements

At first, Kellett simply shared a link to The Hollywood Reporter’s story, which features a statement from Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos, who echoed the statements of Netflix’s tweet, saying he believes “the series will stand the test of time.” She then went on to retweet her joint official statement with Royce.  

But never one to pass up an opportunity for positivity, Kellett wrote her own thread, which she called a “self-pep talk.” She used the opportunity to thank the cast and crew as well, calling the experience “a privilege.”

Could One Day At A Time find a new home?

Despite all of this, there is still a chance that One Day At A Time Season 4 can happen. As Kellett and Royce pointed out in the statements, the series is owned by Sony Pictures Television, which means that Sony could shop it to other networks. Given the intense fan love for the series, this is definitely a possibility — we’ve seen it happen with other shows, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mindy Project in the past. But we’ll have to wait and see.

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