One Fan’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spinoff Idea Is So Good You Might Cry

Grey’s Anatomy has already spawned two spin-offs: Private Practice and Station 19. If fans had their way, however, there would be a third: one that focuses on Arizona and Nicole running their clinic in New York.

Grey’s Anatomy has seen probably more than its fair share of cast departures, which is partly the result of being on for so many years. The show is entering its 16th season this year and has at least one more to go. However, few if any of the departures caused more controversy than those of Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw.

Capshaw played Arizona, while Drew played April. Geena Davis played Nicole in a recurring role. 

Caterina Scorsone and Jessica Capshaw
Caterina Scorsone and Jessica Capshaw | (John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

What happened when Capshaw left?

Fans were outraged when ABC announced last year that Drew and Capshaw would not return as April Kepner and Arizona Robbins, respectively.

Producers maintained the move was made strictly for creative reasons, although a number of viewers believed Capshaw and Drew were let go because of series lead Ellen Pompeo’s $20 million salary  — something that Pompeo firmly denied. 

Capshaw was written out of the show via Arizona deciding to move to New York. She receives a text from her former significant other, Callie, who had been played by Sara Ramirez. She had left the show previously, although she had done so on her own terms. 

When ABC announced Capshaw would be leaving, she said, “She was one of the first members of the LGBTQ community to be represented in a series regular role on network television. Her impact on the world is permanent and forever. Forever.”

The Arizona spinoff fans want to see

On Reddit, fans pitched an idea for a show featuring Arizona and her mentor Nicole in New York. The original idea was only for one episode of Grey’s, but another fan said a spin-off could be even better. 

“Arizona and Nicole starting that new women’s medical center in NY honestly could have been a good spinoff. Nicole is this world-renowned surgeon who has lost her vision and is starting a new chapter in her professional life. She’s working with her former protege and the two of them have a funny, quirky little dynamic because one of them loves sarcastic dark humor and the other one is perpetually positive.”

The fan added, “Avoid the annoying constraints of network TV and put it on Netflix. Back up a truck of money at Geena Davis’ house and keep increasing the offer until she says yes. Come on, Shonda (Rhimes, the creator.)”

Fans approved of the idea, while generally agreeing it probably wouldn’t happen given the circumstances of Capshaw’s exit. Still, one said it would be great to see Callie and Arizona rekindling their relationship and Arizona and Herman working on fetal surgery (“as long as it isn’t groundbreaking”).

The spinoffs that did happen 

The first Grey’s Anatomy’s spinoff was Private Practice, about Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery staring her own office after leaving Seattle Grace Hospital. It debuted in 2010, lasting for six seasons before Rhimes decided it had run its course. Fans were not surprised, considering Walsh had already announced she would be leaving. 

Station 19, however, is still on the air, having started in 2018. It’s preparing to enter its third season.

Like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s set in Seattle, but instead of focusing on doctors it focuses on firefighters. Jaina Lee Ortiz leads the show as Andrea “Andy” Herrera, a  lieutenant at the station. Grey’s characters have popped up, including Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith.

The showrunner this season will be Krista Vernoff, who performs the same duties at Grey’s Anatomy