One Important Way Abbie Burnett is Bucking Duggar Tradition

Abbie Burnett married John-David Duggar in a unique wedding ceremony in November 2018. Their reception, in an airplane hanger, ended with Burnett and Duggar taking off in a private plane, piloted by the groom. Since then the newlyweds have been enjoying the quiet life. Not only has the pair started to settle down in their new home in Arkansas but Burnett, originally from Oklahoma, has been hard at work getting her nursing license transferred from her home state to Arkansas

Do the Duggar girls have jobs?

The Duggar family and all those who marry into the group appear to adhere to strict religious standards. Not only do they live a wholesome lifestyle, but the women also do not hold jobs outside the home. Daughters Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna, have all married in the last five years, and all have decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps as stay-at-home mothers. Joy-anna does, however, work with husband Austin Forsyth in his real estate flipping business. A former member of the church told Salon that women working outside the home is very strictly forbidden.

The women who have married into the family adhere to the same standards. Recent newlyweds Joe and Kendra Duggar and Josiah and Lauren Duggar seem to be following the same script, too. Kendra recently gave birth to the couple’s first son, and Lauren opened up on the Counting On trailer about the miscarriage she suffered in October.

The newest member of the Duggar family, Abbie, looks like she’s taking a different path. Before marrying Duggar, Abbie worked in her home state of Oklahoma as a nurse.  In recent weeks, Burnett became certified to practice in Arkansas. The move indicates that Burnett is not planning to give up her nursing career now that she married into the Duggar family. 

How did John-David and Abbie deviate from family tradition?

While Burnett would be a trailblazer in the Duggar family for having a job outside the home, John-David and his bride have been blazing their own trail since their engagement. According to reports, the couple was spotted during their courtship and engagement out without a chaperone, something that is strictly prohibited by the family’s religious beliefs. All the Duggar children who have gone through courtship have been accompanied by chaperones on all their dates leading up to the wedding.

John-David and Abbie were also more physically affectionate than the couples who married before them. According to courtship rules, a couple is not allowed to kiss or have physical contact, aside from holding hands and side hugs, before their wedding date. Abbie and John-David were photographed engaging in full-frontal hugs while dating. They explained that they did set their own rules during their courtship, and felt comfortable relaxing the more stringent contact standards considering their age.

Abbie isn’t the first Duggar to break the rules

While Abbie’s nursing career is a big no-no in Duggar culture, she isn’t the first Duggar to throw out the family rules upon marriage.  Jinger Duggar created buzz two years ago when she was first pictured in pants.

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Until Jinger donned a pair of jeans, the Duggar women were strictly prohibited from wearing any style of pants.  Jill Dillard soon followed with denim of her own. Jill went on to up the ante with a nose piercing, another decision that is frowned upon by their ultra-conservative religious community.