One ‘Mighty Ducks’ Actor Was Just Arrested — Where’s the Rest of the Cast Now?

Hockey fans and 90s kids alike were thrown for a loop over the weekend when they found out their favorite fictitious goaltender was in trouble with the law.

Shaun Weiss, the former child actor from The Mighty Ducks franchise, was reportedly arrested on Saturday in Northern California for public intoxication. What was more disturbing than hearing about the arrest, however, was seeing his mugshot. Weiss’s gaunt frame and blank expression are a far cry from the cherub-cheeked kid who played Goldberg in that first Ducks flick 26 years ago.

Former child actor Shaun Weiss, now and then
Former child actor Shaun Weiss, now and then | LADbible via Twitter

The shock at Weiss’s changed appearance is in part because he hasn’t been seen on-screen in several years. It’s a contrast to many of the actors from the Disney movie franchise, who have continued to work in both television and film. Elden Henson, who played big bruiser Fulton Reed in the Ducks films, had a part in The Hunger Games movies. Marguerite Moreau, who played Connie, has kept busy with roles in Wet Hot American Summer and TV shows such as American Crime Story, Grey’s Anatomy, and Shameless.

The Mighty Ducks movies also produced some big talent. Joshua Jackson, who played affable protagonist Charlie Conway, has remained a fixture on TV starring in shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Fringe, and The Affair. Kenan Thompson, who joined the Ducks franchise in the second film, was recently nominated for his first Emmy for his work as a cast member and writer on Saturday Night Live. And of course, Emilio Estevez, aka coach Gordon Bombay, still pops up on screen from time to time. (And pops up on Twitter when the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks make a big push in the playoffs.)

Shaun Weiss’s life clearly took a very different turn. He reportedly had a few small roles since his 90s success, has mostly been out of the spotlight. At least, up until his recent arrest.

According to People, Weiss was arrested in Oroville, California — north of state capital Sacremento — after a patrolling officer found him outside a closed building complex just before 1 am. Weiss was reportedly at the scene with three other individuals “behaving erratically with flashlights” according to police. He was arrested but released after a few hours in the drunk tank.

Sadly, this reportedly wasn’t Weiss’s first brush-up with the law. Per Sports Illustrated, Weiss was arrested a year ago for meth possession. (He was believed to be on drugs at the time of his current arrest, although no definitive evidence has been made public yet.) Just a few days prior to last year’s arrest, he was reportedly sentenced to 150 days in jail for stealing from an electronics store.

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