One of Kate Gosselin’s Fans Is Warning Her to ‘Stay Single’

While Jon and Kate Plus 8 was originally where Jon and Kate Gosselin attained their fame for raising a set of twins and sextuplets, it was their split that brought them into the media spotlight. And it’s hard to believe they divorced about a decade ago, as custody and money battles seem to be ongoing for the ex-couple. Since the divorce, Jon has decided to part ways with reality TV fame completely — but Kate, on the other hand, has other plans.

Currently, Kate is engaging in her dating show, Kate Plus Date. We’re not sure quite yet if she’s destined to find love via her matchmakers, but it seems a few of her fans are telling her she should just stick to being single. Here’s what they’re saying.

Kate Gosselin has already gone on some seriously awkward dates on Kate Plus Date

Kate has talked about her nervous excitement for her dating show in the past, as she’s noted she’s finally ready to get back into the dating world after being out of it for so long. As she told journalists for a Television Critics Association event, “It’s very difficult. It’s a very difficult concept. And, this was a very and is a very real show in that I am really looking for someone.”

So far, Kate’s dating journey has not disappointed fans, either. With the help of two matchmakers and her 18-year-old twins, Kate is getting the guidance she needs to find the man she wants. Unfortunately, not everyone’s a winner so far. People reminds us of one awful night Kate had with Andrew, one of her many suitors — and there were plenty of awkward silences as Kate tried to get to know him. “I don’t know if it looked painful, but I was aware that it felt so painful,” she said. While we’re hoping Kate can find someone she’s compatible with, we’re sure there will be plenty more painful dates to come.

A fan of Kate’s is telling her to remain single

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Kate’s quite independent, so it may surprise many that she would even want to try and date again in the first place. And even some of her Instagram followers seemed to recommend she give up the dating thing once and for all.

“Kate, love you since day one. But I think you need to face the facts, just like I had to. Some of us strong, classy, intelligent, independent women just don’t belong in a relationship,” one of her Instagram followers commented on this photo. “Our standards are too high. We will never find anyone who meets our expectations. Stay single. Life is so much easier and happier that way. It took me FORTY years to realize this.”

Another one of her followers offered her a similar sentiment on another Instagram photo of Kate’s dog. “Do you ever think that you shouldn’t worry about finding a guy. Yes relationships are a good thing but trying to focus on a guy and your kids is not always the best thing [sic],” they said.

Kate’s been actively responding to her followers on social media, too

Cara Gosselin, Mady Gosselin, and Kate Gosselin
Cara Gosselin, Mady Gosselin, and Kate Gosselin | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Will Kate take the advice of her followers seriously? We’re not sure — but it appears she does actually read the comments that are left for her.

When one fan commented on this photo, “There’s no way there’s seriousness with cameras, lighting and Some one telling you when to speak up and turn a certain direction [sic],” Kate fired back with a response. As she said, “no one does that …. it’s real and they film what happens…. :) [sic].” On the same photo, another follower told Kate she was “trying too hard” — and Kate simply reminded them, “that’s the real me. Like it or hate it lol [sic].”

Kate also got a bit snarky with another one of the commenters. When one told Kate that she “speaks like a teenager” because of the number of times she says “like,” Kate responded with, “you took the words, like, right out of my mouth!!!”

We’re not sure if Kate finds the man of her dreams just yet — but we definitely can gather that she’s unafraid of standing up for herself despite the negative press the show may bring.

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