The One Reason Jennifer Lopez Called Her Relationship With Ben Affleck ‘Overwhelming’

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about her past relationship with Ben Affleck. 

Even though Lopez, or J. Lo, is now engaged to Alex Rodriguez, a former MLB player for the New York Yankees, we’ll never forget the time in her life she spent dating Affleck. The two starred in Gigli (2003) together and were deemed “Bennifer” by the press. Affleck and Lopez were engaged in 2002 but called off their 2003 wedding just days before the ceremony and later broke up in 2004

Lopez called relationship with Affleck ‘special’ and ‘very unique’

During a Dec. 2019 interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Lopez reflected on her relationship with Affleck as well as her time spent dating Sean “Diddy” Combs. She felt “weird” about using the term, Bennifer, to refer to her and Affleck but also offered up reasons as to why she thought people couldn’t get enough of their relationship, according to Yahoo Entertainment.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of 'Daredevil' on Feb. 9, 2003
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the premiere of ‘Daredevil’ on Feb. 9, 2003 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“As for the ‘Bennifer era’ — this is so weird I’m talking about this, to talk in this way, I’m just using those words because you used them,” she said with a laugh about the nickname.

“These were people in my life who I really cared about and fell in love with,” she said referring to both Combs and Affleck. “[I] had very special, very unique relationships with both those people, and I think maybe that’s what captured the public’s attention in a sense. Because there was a realness to them. There was an authenticity to them, to those relationships, and people felt it.”

J. Lo says they were overwhelmed by media attention

During the same conversation, Lopez said her beau wanted to keep their relationship “quiet,” which proved to be impossible thanks to the rise of tabloids.

“Ben wanted to be — believe it or not — quiet and not be in the tabloids,” Lopez said. “And it was the beginning of the tabloid era, and we were kinda out there. I remember stacks of magazines and we were on it every week.” 

“It was scary,” she added. “It was overwhelming for both of us.”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 75th Annual Academy Awards on March 23, 2003
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 75th Annual Academy Awards on March 23, 2003 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

She recalled feeling “helpless” about how their relationship played out in the press. Lopez, who will perform at the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show with Shakira, said it took her years to figure out how to deal with the scrutiny. 

“How do I counter all of the stuff that’s being said?” Lopez said. “But you can’t. You just have to live your life and this is what I’ve learned over the years. This is why it’s great to be where I am now, and at the age I am now, because that stuff doesn’t bother me anymore.”

J. Lo, 50, went on to marry singer, Marc Anthony, with whom she shares 11-year-old twins, Emme and Max. Anthony and Lopez divorced in 2014 after a decade of marriage. Meanwhile, Affleck, 47, married actress Jennifer Garner. They have three children together and continue to co-parent after separating in 2015 and making their divorce official in 2018.