One ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Just Got a Brand New Job

Teen Mom OG star, Gary Shirley, is officially an officer of the law. The married father of two has changed a lot over the years. Not only has he figured out a way to get along with his baby mama, Amber Portwood, but he’s gone on to get married and have a second child with his new wife, Kristina Anderson. During his metamorphosis, Shirley managed to keep one giant secret; he dreamed of becoming a police officer. Now, that dream is a reality, and he, along with his family, have clued the public in. 

Why did Gary Shirley keep his new job a secret?

According to Anderson’s Instagram post, Shirley has been training to become an officer for some time. The family, as well as close friends, decided to keep the entire process a secret. In fact, it seems like fans are only hearing about it all now because Shirley is officially an officer. It doesn’t appear as though MTV cameras were there to capture the reality TV stars swearing in.

Shirley has shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of his life with the public for nearly a decade. Some fans are wondering why the burly father of two would keep such a big secret from his fans.

There are a couple of reasons why. First and foremost, it’s possible that Shirley didn’t want to share the news until it was a done deal. While police forces train thousands of recruits each year, not everyone makes it through the academy to become an actual officer. Potential officers can drop out at any time, or they may be dismissed if they can not pass the program.

Shirley may have been asked to keep things quiet on social media by the force itself. MTV camera crews would not be allowed to film Shirley’s training, but it is possible that the recruit was asked to keep things quiet on social media. This allegedly has been Shirley’s dream for some time now, so he’d likely do whatever he was told to do to ensure he got the job.

Are Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood on speaking terms?

A lot has happened for Shirley recently, but fans have noticed a change in the man who coined the phrase “It’s Gary Time!” for a while. Earlier in the year, both Portwood and Shirley admitted that while their relationship hadn’t always been the best they’ve come to a good place. The former couple share 10-year-old Leah and seem to have figured out a way to work together for her benefit.

Shirley took to Twitter in June 2019 to apologize for the footage that aired during a Teen Mom OG episode. During the episode, Shirley spoke badly about Portwood to his wife. Shirley was sharing his frustration at Portwood’s desire to take a break from parenting due to depression. He also apologized in advance for anything he said in upcoming episodes, according to E! News.

How much did Gary Shirley make on Teen Mom OG?

Shirley’s new gig might have been his dream, but some fans are wondering if his family will depart Teen Mom OG permanently now. Shirley was undoubtedly making more money filming Teen Mom OG than he’ll be making as an officer. After all, Portwood pushed hard for Shirley to make as much money as the moms during the show’s earliest season.

While the details of Shirley’s contract with MTV remains unknown, it is believed he was making at least $25,000 per episode. Even if Shirley stays on the show, his job as a police officer will likely remain relatively unmentioned. He would not be the only Teen Mom dad who has a second gig, so the crews are well-versed in dealing with additional jobs.