‘Onward’: We Always Knew Chris Pratt and Tom Holland Could Be Brothers

A lot of great friendships have been formed thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of those are starting to link up in other projects not connected to the same movie space. While someone will inevitably try to connect outside movies with MCU cast members, some of those projects coming up are perfect match-ups.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland
Chris Pratt and Tom Holland | Todd Williamson/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Even though Chris Pratt and Tom Holland are part of the MCU, they’ve only had brief scenes together in Infinity War (plus a replay in Endgame). This could expand eventually, but they’re about to work together again for the second most popular movie company: Pixar.

Their upcoming film Onward is an inventive fantasy/real world mix that may prove Holland and Pratt’s voices lend as much fun as they do in live-action.

Why haven’t we seen more of Holland and Pratt in an MCU film?

If you look at the planned Phase Four films for the MCU, there’s a good chance we’ll see Pratt and Holland team up more often than they have. The idea of Spider-Man interacting more with Star-Lord/Peter Quill could technically turn into a superhero bromance on a different level. Considering Quill is a bit of a rogue, some might suggest it’s dangerous for him to be an older mentor to Peter Parker.

Then again, some might find it refreshing and call them The Two Peters. If that’s probably taken more than one way, we can only imagine what their chemistry would be together.

Holland already seems to work well with most of the male MCU cast. Thanks to close friendships with Robert Downey, Jr. and (more recently), Jake Gyllenhaal, you can see Holland gets along with just about any of his co-stars at any age.

The idea of Holland and Pratt playing elfin brothers doesn’t seem so remote since they both have similar personalities when you look at their lives more carefully.

Pratt and Holland as elves living in reality


It might sound strange to hear Holland and Pratt will play brotherly elves. When it’s Pixar, though, you know they know what they’re doing. A trailer for Onward gives a bit of a preview of what this MCU pairing will be like.

Based on footage available, Pratt and Holland do have good voice chemistry, yet how would they work in more extensive live-action?

Even though Holland comes from the U.K. and Pratt is about American as you can get, they both have likeable personalities improving every movie they’re in. They also have a strong commitment to keeping themselves in good shape since their primary movie genre is action.

Imagining more Marvel movie adventures with Star-Lord and Spider-Man seems almost inevitable with more Spidey movies to come and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on the horizon. Keep in mind voice acting still often translates well enough on the big screen to a point where it’s almost like watching the real actors at work.

Disney/Pixar’s penchant for making the characters look like the actors

If you’re a big enough Disney/Pixar fan, then you know they often make their characters resemble the real actors recording in the studio. For years, the rumors were Disney secretly videoed their celebrity voice actors during recording sessions so the animators could incorporate similar expressions/facial characteristics into the animated counterparts.

Pixar has upheld this tradition with many of their films. In the Onward trailer, it’s worth taking a look at how effectively they’ve done the same with the guise of Holland and Pratt.

They look similar enough where this could nearly fill in for any live-action film if they never do another together.

Any real wish by MCU fans for a Spider-Man/Star-Lord partnership movie may have to stay in our own CGI dreams.