‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Back With Criminal Season 2 Trailer

The much-anticipated second season of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black will start streaming all 13 episodes on June 6, and Netflix has released a trailer giving a sneak peek into what the new season of the women’s prison drama holds. It looks like fans are up for more craziness, fights, female camaraderie, and a continuation of some of the best portrayals of sexuality and gender identity on television.

The show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, who was also responsible for the edgy Showtime drama Weeds, spoke about the show’s next season at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society lunch on Wednesday. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Kohan brought down the house at the lunch with her frank discussion of sexuality on television.

“I love graphic sex. The more sex the better,” she said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “Very often it’s convincing the actors to get naked. … You hope everyone will just be cool about it, and then they’re not. There’s a lot of convincing and making people feel comfortable.” Kohan also complained about the picky contracts that lead actors often have regarding nudity. “Very often, there’s a very specific rider,” she said, “only side boob or only this cheek. … The extras, God bless them, are the ones that have it all out there — and it’s only an extra $10 a day for full nudity.”

Kohan also promised that the show will continue pushing the envelope when it comes to sex and nudity. “We have some male frontal nudity this season,” she said, “but I don’t think it’s going to be erect.”

One of the biggest anxieties about the new season was whether star Laura Prepon, who plays protagonist Piper’s love interest, would be back to portray the ex-drug dealer Alex Vause. At first it was thought that she wasn’t going to be in the second season at all, then it was reported that she would appear for a few episodes to wrap up her character’s storyline, then Kohan confirmed that Prepon would appear in “most of” the second season.

“Yes, yes, she is coming back,” Kohan told Us Magazine of the former That 70′s Show actress at the Writers Guild Awards in February. “Not the whole season, but … you’ll see her for most of it.” Kohan has also said that the show is becoming much more of an ensemble and will focus less on the Piper/Alex/Larry love triangle that provided the central conflict in the first season.

The show is based on the memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman about her experiences in women’s prison, but Kohan has found exploring the stories of the other characters Piper is incarcerated with more interesting than just her story. “Piper herself wasn’t very comfortable with this very fictionalized account of her own life, so it became its own animal,” Kohn said, per The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s the godmother of it, and she’s the source of it, but it’s become its own show. Piper is great for technical advice, she’s also very involved in the post-prison advocacy world.”

The show has been lauded for some of the best representations of women and sexual identity ever portrayed on television. “Watching the show, one begins to realize that all the good parts for women truly have been kept locked up somewhere; now, here they all are, free (in at least one sense) to be portrayed. Within the first six episodes, they are expertly and fully sketched, textured and realized: Latinas, lesbians, an activist nun, a fireman who transitioned into a woman, a housekeeper-turned-murderer, a Russian inmate (Kate Mulgrew) who runs the kitchen,” said a rapturous review from Washington Post critic Hank Stuever.

Kohan has said that the organic way in which the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters of various races are approached by the show is the reason those characters seem so natural. “It’s not confronted; that’s the whole point,” Kohan said at PaleyFest in March, per The Wrap. “It’s not ‘The Very Special Episode about the trans character.’ It’s normalized in this conversation.”

Judging by the trailer, there’s a lot more craziness in store for the second season, as well as a new character to shake things up at Litchfield Prison. Is Larry and Piper’s relationship salvageable? What’s going to happen to Alex? Is Pennsatucky going to kill Piper for refusing to be baptized? The show’s rabid fan base will have to wait until June 6 to start binge-watching and find out.

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