Revealed: How Orlando Bloom Proposed To Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom found themselves in the news a few months back when they announced their engagement. The singer/songwriter and the actor have been dating off-and-on for the past three years. The pair have been through a lot in their relationship, from rumors to conspiracy theories to photo scandals. However, Bloom and Perry have found a way to make it work and are ready to take that next step in their relationship together.

Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry | Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

Recently, the ‘American Idol’ judge went on a popular radio show to talk about music, the industry, her new fiance, and her career. Perry, who was married to Russel Brand back in 2012, opened up about her relationship with the famous actor. When asked exactly how he proposed, she shared a very sweet story with her many fans.

“It was Valentine’s Day, and I had to work that day. I just remember meeting him at dinner at this place, this Italian restaurant because, when I get a pass, I just want to just like stuff my face with pasta. So, I get there and he’s clean-shaven, he’s not wearing tennis shoes. I’m like, ‘Ah shit, something is going down.” the 34-year-old said.

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When Perry was probed about if anything else tipped her off she had this to say, “Well, I mean, he was letting me…we were ordering everything, and I’m like, who is this person? He must have been so nervous—actually, he was cause breathing heavy. And then I got on a helicopter, and then he asked me to marry him. And then we landed on this building and went downstairs and my family and friends were there and like the most flowers…the most flowers you’ve ever seen. It’s like when Kanye does that for Kim, you’re like, ‘Oh my god!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ Anyways, it’s great, he’s great. I love him very much.” the “California Girls” singer sated.

The couple shared news of their engagement via their Instagram pages. The picture showed a super close shot of the couple, surrounded by red, heart-shaped balloons and a close up of the stunning, flower-shaped diamond engagement ring. Perry posted the picture with the caption “full bloom” while Bloom posted the caption “Lifetimes” with the exact same image.


For all of the glitz and glam that the industry offers this famous pair, they admit that they actually bonded over their mutual love of the famed fast food chain, In-N-Out. “He stole one off of my table. I was sitting with Denzel Washington and he took it and I was like, ‘Who…oh, you’re so hot. Fine, take it. Then I saw him at a party and I was like, ‘How are those onions resting on your molars?’ He was like, ‘I like you.’ Then, you know, cut to!” Perry said laughing in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. An In-N-Out inspired love story, really what more could you ask for?