‘Orphan Black’ Gets New Season But Can’t Clone an Emmy Nom

Source: BBC America

Orphan Black may not have netted an expected Emmy nod for star Tatiana Maslany last week, but it was picked up for a third season by BBC America, meaning there will be another chance for the actress to win television’s biggest award next year. The Hollywood Reporter said that BBC America has given the green light to 10 more episodes that will premiere in the spring of next year. Production of the show will begin in Toronto this fall.

The quirky sci-fi series from BBC America tells the story of several women who are revealed to be clones, all played by Maslany, who has received strong reviews for her performance. When a homeless gutter punk witnesses a woman who looks so similar to her that they could be twins throw herself in front of a subway train, she steals the woman’s purse and decides to assume her identity, which turns out to be a more complicated endeavor than she bargained for.

Maslany plays a dozen different characters on the show — including an uptight soccer mom, a bisexual scientist, and a tough punk, among others. Many had considered her a possibility for a best actress in a drama Emmy nomination. When she didn’t get the nomination, her fans and television writers were pretty upset. Tweets included:

Maslany has earned critical adoration for her ability to populate the show’s world all by herself, playing a huge variety of very different characters. “This is a series that feels as confident as any you’ll see on TV right now, and it has the added benefit of being a sci-fi show without much heavy sci-fi, broadening its appeal. The story moves quickly, is thrilling at every turn and has surprisingly solid acting on every level,” said Hollywood Reporter critic Tim Goodman. Season 2 has a favorable 79 score among reviews on Metacritic.

Maslany has received a Golden Globe nomination, a Critic’s Choice TV Award, a TCA Award, and a Canadian Screen Award. Orphan Black, along with the beloved sci-fi series Doctor Who, has helped push BBC America to its highest ratings ever, according to THR, so Emmy nod or not, it was a shoo-in for a third season.

Orphan Black co-creator John Fawcett told The Hollywood Reporter that there is more mystery coming for fans with Season 3. “A lot of the things that we put into motion at the end of season two are obviously big story components going forward and new pieces to the puzzle,” Fawcett told the publication after the second season’s finale aired. “We believe in giving the audience answers, but we have our mysteries and we want to earn the answers. This is kind of a new aspect to the larger puzzle that is Orphan Black.”

When Maslany was overlooked by Emmy voters for her work in the show’s first season, fans were up in arms, so it’s uncertain why the even-better second season didn’t gain her a nomination for what her one-woman performance carrying an entire series.

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