‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Finally Met Someone With the Same Eye Condition Hazel Has

There are plenty of large families featured on TLC, but few are like the Busbys from OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. Now, the quints are 4 years old — and in addition to their older daughter who’s 8, that means the busy couple is caring for six little girls in total.

Not only do Adam and Danielle manage to care for six kids, but they’re also incredibly attentive to each child’s individual wants and needs. And one of the quints, Hazel, has an eye condition she was born with that requires some extra attention. On an episode of OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle were able to talk to another person who has the same condition Hazel has, too. Here’s what the couple said about it.

Hazel Busby was born with nystagmus

Adam and Danielle have expressed just how grateful they are to have five happy and healthy quintuplets, but we can’t forget that Hazel was born with a complicated eye condition. Hazel has nystagmus, which is a disorder that causes the eyes to move rapidly and uncontrollably. The condition is treatable, and Adam and Danielle have made it clear they’re doing every they can for their daughter. But so far, it seems there’s no cure.

Hazel is easily recognizable due to her glasses, and she’s already gone in for eye surgery, too. When the child was just a year old, Danielle explained on the show, “This surgery fix is not even about her vision — it’s more so to correct the placement of where her eye goes to focus better so she doesn’t have to turn her neck, which is a huge deal.”

Adam and Danielle Busby believe she’ll need more eye surgeries in the future

Having Hazel go in for surgery at such a young age is scary for any parent. As Adam remarked when his little girl went under the knife the first time, “Everything that you do and tell yourself to prepare for this surgery can never really prepare you enough for seeing your baby in her hospital gown and then giving her away.” And while everything went well for Hazel for her first surgery, Adam and Danielle expect she’ll have to have more surgeries as she gets older.

“It’s something she was born with and she’ll have it the remainder of her life … there’s no official cure to it,” Danielle told Us Weekly during an interview. “It’s inevitable that one day she’ll have another one and so we visit her eye doctors every couple months.”

The couple met someone with the same eye condition as Hazel

While Adam and Danielle have a great team of doctors to help them with Hazel’s condition, the couple’s never met another adult who has nystagmus. When they went on a trip to a dude ranch, however, the ranch owner, Patrick, also had the condition and was willing to reach out to the couple about it.

“I’ve had two surgeries. … I was in junior high with the last one where they … basically detached the muscles and reattached them,” Patrick explained after Adam inquired about the surgeries he’s had on his eyes. Patrick then went on to say that doctors told him he’d be blind, but he’s able to see and is doing just fine now.

“It’s great to talk to someone who’s not only lived with this condition but who is also doing great,” Danielle told the cameras. “We don’t know what the future’s gonna hold for her or when the next eye surgery’s gonna be, but talking to Patrick definitely gives us hope for the future.”

Patrick noted he was nervous to talk to Adam and Danielle about it at first, but he thought he’d reach out anyway to share some encouraging words with them. We’re not sure what the future holds for Hazel, but it looks like the couple is feeling better after speaking with Patrick and hearing his side of things!

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