‘OutDaughtered’: Adam and Danielle Busby Just Said Which Quintuplet Is the Most Difficult

Adam and Danielle Busby are relative newcomers to the world of reality TV with their show, OutDaughtered, but fans have already fallen in love with them and their huge family. The couple’s famous for having six daughters. Their oldest daughter, Blayke, is 8, and she helps her parents care for their set of toddler all-female quintuplets.

Through the last few years, we’ve watched Adam and Danielle navigate life with the quintuplets and Blayke, and we’re now seeing the family on a brand new season of the show. They recently appeared on a talk show with all the kids as well, and they gave some insight to fans regarding the quint dynamics and which child is the bossy one.

The Busby quintuplets are 4 years old now

It seems like just yesterday when Danielle was sharing the quints with the world when they were just crawling babies, but they’ve grown up fast. Ava, Riley, Olivia, Parker Kate, and Hazel had their fourth birthday in April. And Danielle and Adam recently visited the talk show Strahan and Sara to discuss the new season of the show — and it was also mentioned how the quints are starting to really get their own personalities.

When the quints turned 3, Danielle also took to her It’s a Buzz World blog to discuss how she was already starting to see their individual personalities emerge as well. “We have seen any and all fits & tantrums…but also seen different personalities all develop at one time (oh what fun it really has been),” she wrote. “The girls communicate now, full sentences, and they may not always know what they are saying when that talk but that is the best part about It. Some jibber jabber here and there mixed in with real words and it is just the best thing to listen to.”

Adam and Danielle were asked which child was the bossiest and most difficult

The quints and Blayke seemed quite well-behaved while they were on television, but the hosts of Strahan and Sara asked Danielle and Adam if the kids ever entered the “threenager” stage. According to the hosts, a “threenager” is a toddler who acts as rebellious and bossy as a teen — and the hosts then asked Danielle and Adam which of their kids was the most difficult.

Danielle verified that “Blayke was never a threenager, she was amazing,” but it seems like her quints may be on the more difficult side. When the hosts then asked which quintuplet was the problem child, Danielle and Adam defaulted to Blayke for their answer — and the older child said Riley was the one.

Danielle has also written about Riley’s strong personality on the It’s a Buzz World blog, too. “She is so intelligent, mischievous and cute. … She is still overly dramatic about everything…did you read that…EVERYTHING, especially when she gets in trouble,” Danielle wrote. “She talks back, wants to have last word and is just all around strong-willed. I love this about her though…she sure is sure on who she is and what she wants.” It seems like Riley may be the quintuplet with the biggest personality to watch out for as she ages, too.

Adam and Danielle look to their oldest daughter for help with the quints

It’s hard to believe Blayke is just 8 years old, as it’s clear she helps Danielle and Adam immensely when it comes to taking care of the quints. During the Strahan and Sara interview, Danielle and Adam both admitted that the quintuplets are more likely to follow directions from Blayke than anyone else. “She’s a huge help,” Adam added.

When Blayke turned 8, Danielle also wrote on the blog about how great of a helper she is. She wrote, “not many little girls could adapt well with having quintuplet sisters…but you amaze me everyday with the motherly love you have for your sisters! I do believe God molded you just perfectly to be you, the big sister you are [sic].”

We can’t wait to see additional family antics as the Busby quints’ personalities develop even more on the new season of OutDaughtered.

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