‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Begged His Followers to ‘Stop the Ignorant Comments’ With a Heartfelt Instagram Post

It’s tough to know which reality TV families are worth watching these days, but there’s no doubt Adam and Danielle Busby are as honest and authentic as they come. TLC’s OutDaughtered features the parents and their journey raising six daughters — five quintuplets and their older child. And through the ups and downs, fans have grown attached to the Busbys for everything they’ve shared both on the small screen and on social media.

Adam and Danielle still have their fair share of critics, however. And recently, Adam took to social media to tell his followers to quit it with the “ignorant comments.” Here’s what he wrote.

Adam Busby recently lost a good friend

Adam Busby has gotten candid with his followers in the past, especially in regards to his own mental health. The father of six told People that he was struggling with postpartum depression, and he hoped to bring awareness to the condition, as not many men come forward and talk about it. And Adam also noted recently on Instagram that he had a close friend who helped him greatly with his ups and downs.

“In one of the darkest and most confusing times of my life, Jarrid Wilson sought me out. When i pushed him away and ignored his persistent attempts to help, he stayed right there and wouldn’t be defeated. God used you as His Hands and Feet as you walked with me through getting help with my depression,” Adam wrote on this post dedicated to Wilson, a pastor who touched many lives. Sadly, Wilson died by suicide. “Depression is very real and if you are having suicidal thoughts, please seek help and find someone to talk to,” Adam added to his post.

He’s telling his followers to ‘stop the ignorant comments’ on another Instagram post

Many OutDaughtered fans took to Instagram to share their condolences with Adam. But it appears not every comment was nice, as Adam took to Instagram once again to call out any of his followers who left hateful remarks.

“Traveled to California to say a very too soon farewell (for now) to one of my dearest and most trusted friends, but left so inspired and hopeful after a memorial service that you would have to have been there to believe it,” Adam started this Instagram post. And he then went on to share his thoughts on mental health.

“There are people that we know, people that we pass by in the isles at church or in the lines at the grocery store that are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and are scared to speak up. You are beautiful and you are loved, no matter what your head fools you into thinking,” Adam continued. “Depression is an invisible disease of the brain that you cant comprehend until you struggle with it yourself. You can’t control it with logic, so stop the ignorant comments. It only adds to the stigma and only makes people not want to seek help.”

Fans are showing their support

Despite the criticism Danielle and Adam may occasionally face, there’s no doubt they have plenty of support behind them, too. As one fan commented on Adam’s post about the “ignorant comments,” “Beautifully stated. So sorry about your friend. Mental health issues should have no stigma. Too many struggle out there alone.” And another wrote, “Yes, yes, yes! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for speaking out on a subject that is often swept under the rug and misunderstood. Beautifully written.”

We’re hoping Adam and Danielle can find some peace during this difficult time of mourning. And we’re all excited that OutDaughtered is back on the air so we can see just how much all six of their daughters have grown!

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