‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Clapped Back at a Fan Who Accused Him of Being Rude to Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered is officially back, and fans are loving watching Adam and Danielle Busby take care of their six kids. As we know, the couple has their older daughter, Blayke, and 4-year-old quintuplet girls, which is a ton of female energy in the home for Adam to deal with. Despite the couple having so many young children to take care of, they still are sure to make weekly date nights a priority, as they take their marriage very seriously.

We know Adam and Danielle work as a fantastic team, but some fans think recent arguments between the couple are an indicator of what’s to come. And one particular follower of Adam’s accused the busy dad of treating Danielle unfairly. Here’s what Adam said in response.

Adam and Danielle Busby have been at odds about Adam’s new job

There are plenty of reality TV couples who bring drama to the small screen, but Adam and Danielle aren’t one of them. The OutDaughtered duo is hyper-focused on maintaining a healthy, communicative marriage and taking care of their six children. And while issues do arise, it’s rare that we ever see Adam and Danielle fight — though it seems recent job and scheduling issues are causing issues between them.

Distractify notes Adam quit his old job and now works for a health and wellness company based out of Dallas, Texas. While this job seems like a giant leap forward for Adam, it does require him to travel at least once a month to Dallas for meetings. And in this recent clip from the show, Adam and Danielle got into it after Adam told Danielle he had to leave for a trip and Danielle got angry with him for not putting the trip on their calendar.

“It’s not about Adam going to Dallas, it’s about not putting it in the schedule,” Danielle told the cameras. And when Danielle asked Adam for an apology, Adam didn’t give her what she wanted. “Apparently you’re not doing a very good job,” Adam said to Danielle when she said she typically runs the home perfectly with scheduling.

A fan called Adam out on Instagram for attacking Danielle on-screen

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Adam and Danielle get into heated discussions regarding Adam’s new job. And while plenty of folks have called out Danielle for acting irrationally angry toward Adam, some fans aren’t happy with how Adam’s treating Danielle in all of this, either.

Recently, Adam posted a few photos with Danielle and accompanied them with the caption, “This beauty is my rock and my number one. I’d charge the gates of hell with a water pistol for this one.” And a fan commented, “When you said ‘Well you’re obviously not doing a ver good job’ I CRINGED! You’d still be in the dog house with me. I know everyone argues but I was sooo fuming. I for sure thought Danielle would kick your a$$.”

To that, Adam had his own perfect response, as he said, “not if you knew that actual context of me saying that. You just saw where they decide to cut it in. It’s television. Remember that.”

Some think TLC is trying to put a rift in their marriage

Adam and Danielle’s dynamic is reminding some loyal TLC viewers of Jon and Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8. And we all know Jon and Kate’s marriage ended in a messy divorce that’s making headlines a decade later. While Adam and Danielle are still going strong with their marriage currently, some fans have questioned whether the network was intentionally trying to create drama in their relationship.

“It appears TLC perpetrates unnecessary drama around these families,” one fan commented on this clip of OutDaughtered. “Hey TLC do you intentionally try to end marriages? Curious seems like the drama is created by TLC,” another wrote.

The good news is that Adam and Danielle have said time and time again that they’ll never get divorced. And since Adam just said the argument that was aired wasn’t really as volatile as it appeared to be, that also gives us hope that all is well for the Busbys!

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