‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Keeps Proving He’s Not Afraid to Share His Real Feelings on Social Media

There are plenty of large families featured on TLC, but the Busbys from OutDaughtered have certainly captured our hearts over the years. After struggling with infertility for years, Adam and Danielle Busby got the shock of a lifetime after giving birth to their oldest daughter, Blayke. Danielle became pregnant with quintuplets, and today, the busy parents have the only group of all-female quints in the United States.

Fans love how candid Adam and Danielle get on the show and on social media, and we can’t forget these moments when Adam was totally honest (and may be a little too candid) with his social media followers.

Adam Busby recently made a hilarious comment on Danielle Busby’s Instagram

If there’s one word to describe the Busby family, it’s busy. Adam and Danielle are constantly on the go with the quints and their older daughter, and Danielle is often giving advice on her blog and on her Instagram on ways she fits in everything she needs to do in a day as a busy mom. It seems she and Adam did recently find some time to relax on Memorial Day, however. “Memorial Day celebration can not end until we play some pool volleyball!! Quints are in bed and big kids are playing good ol game of Trouble. Let’s do this!” she captioned her Instagram post that shows her, Adam, and other family having fun in the pool.

Fans were loving the family event and even poked fun at the photo. In Touch Weekly notes one of Danielle’s followers commented on the post, “Bahahha it looks like Mr. Busby isn’t wearing shorts.” To that, “Uncle Dale” (Dale Mills) said back, “He’s not … #itgotweird.” And finally, Adam chimed in. The Busby dad commented, “It’s a good distraction for [Danielle] and [Crystal]” along with a laughing emoji.

Adam has also shared his negative feelings regarding The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This is far from the first time Adam has made his commentary known on social media. In Touch Weekly reminds us the Busbys weren’t too happy with The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently. It seems Ellen rescinded their offer to have the Busbys on the talk show — and Adam wasn’t too happy about it.

Adam posted this adorable photo of two of his kids to Instagram, and that’s when a fan asked about the talk show. “Why would [The] Ellen Show back out just because you guys are going on GMAToday show and Fox?” In Touch notes the follower questioned. While other reality stars may typically steer away from this question, Adam was happy to respond. “Because they wanted to be the first. It’s how they operate … apparently, if they couldn’t be first, then they didn’t want to do it at all …,” he wrote back. Will The Ellen Show make things right now that Adam’s called them out publicly? We’re not sure — but it was certainly a bold move.

He explained the real reason he hasn’t been posting as much content online, too

Not only is Adam willing to joke with his followers and dish on some drama, but he’s also made it clear he’s interested in giving his fans the honest truth about what’s going on in the Busby household. In Touch Weekly notes earlier this year, some fans were wondering why the Busbys weren’t posting on social media as often as usual.

“Why no videos these days?” one fan questioned on an Instagram post — and Adam gave the truth. “Because we are in the middle of filming the new season of our TV show. That takes priority over family YouTube vlogs,” he said. Adam then added, “(And let’s be real, it probably pays better too!).” There’s no doubt Busby fans appreciate the honesty — and we’re all looking forward to what’s in store for the family when the new season of OutDaughtered hits our screens June 11.

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