‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Said the Biggest Decision Is Yet to Come With Riley’s Schooling

A new season of OutDaughtered is on the horizon, and we can’t wait to see what Adam and Danielle Busby are up to next. As we know from Instagram, the quintuplets are now 4 years old and getting off to a fresh start with a new school year. And now that they’re transitioning from toddlers to children, Adam and Danielle are starting to take into consideration their kids’ own unique personalities, skills, and interests so that each child can get the individual attention they need.

Recently, the couple had to make a decision regarding Riley. Riley’s known as the mischievous quint — and she’s also known for having an intelligence level that’s off the charts. Adam and Danielle chose to put Riley into kindergarten instead of pre-K with her sisters, and now, Adam just said even bigger decisions are down the road in another year.

Riley Busby just entered kindergarten while the other quintuplets are in pre-K

The quintuplets were premature when Danielle gave birth, so when the quints entered preschool, she had their mental development evaluated to see if their preemie status affected them in any way. All of the quints had higher-than-average intelligence levels, which was a huge relief to Danielle. And as an even bigger surprise, the testing found that Riley’s intelligence was off the charts. In this clip, the owner of the preschool noted that the average test score was a 40, and Riley earned an 84.

For that reason, Adam and Danielle decided to split the quintuplets up for this coming school year. While Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker are all headed to pre-K, Riley is headed to kindergarten on her own, as noted in this Instagram post from the couple.

Riley’s doing well in her higher-level class so far

Fans were freaking out when they learned that Riley was headed on her own to kindergarten. And many praised Adam and Danielle for doing what’s best for Riley’s personal needs even if it means putting the girls in separate classes. As one fan commented on the couple’s post, “Riley is already in Kindergarten ??? Wow so proud of you Riri.”

Since fans have shown interest, Adam and Danielle have done their best to give updates on how Riley’s first days of kindergarten went, too. Adam posted this photo of Riley sleeping with the family dog and captioned it, “First day of kindergarten in the books and she CRUSHED it! So incredibly proud of this little kid. When she wants something, there is nothing going to stand in her way and she is right at home forging her own path. My MIGHTY pint sized princess is going to be something great one day.”

Adam just said this is the biggest unknown regarding Riley

Adam recently added a video to the It’s a Buzz World YouTube channel showing the girls all getting ready for their first days of school, and he talks a lot about Riley’s current and future schooling. “She’s been just blowing our minds with how smart she is, and so we just keep testing her and pushing her ahead, and the director of the school says she’s ready for kindergarten, so we’re not gonna hold her back,” Adam said with Riley. But he then talked about how the future may get complicated.

“It’s just going to leave us with a big decision to make at the end of this year,” Adam added. He then explained that when all the quints turn 5, he and Danielle have to decide if they’re going to push Riley into first grade while her sisters go to kindergarten. Otherwise, they’ll have Riley repeat another year of kindergarten with her sisters. “That’ll be a big decision,” Adam added.

Whatever happens, we know Adam and Danielle will do whatever’s best for their family. Congratulations to all six of their daughters for starting a new year on the right foot!

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