‘OutDaughtered’: Adam Busby Says ‘It’s Crazy’ That Anyone Criticizes His or Danielle’s Parenting

Just as the latest season of OutDaughtered ends, a new one is set to premiere this October. And fans can’t get enough of the Busby family. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame by having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S., and with their older daughter, Blayke, that means the busy parents are taking care of six young kids. And while their lives are certainly hectic, there’s no doubt they do their absolute best to be a stellar team in raising their daughters.

Even though Adam and Danielle seem upbeat and immune to critique, they’re well-aware that mean-spirited comments exist about them on the internet. And Adam Busby just spoke out about how he thinks it’s crazy anyone would judge them. Here’s what he said.

Fans have a lot to say about Riley Busby

Now that the quintuplets are 4 years old, they’re all developing their own personalities — and Adam and Danielle also found that Riley seems to be more advanced than her sisters when it comes to school. For that reason, the couple announced on Instagram that Riley was entering kindergarten while her sisters were going to pre-k.

Many praised Adam and Danielle on Instagram for separating the quints and allowing them each to flourish as individuals, but not everyone had nice things to say about the parents’ decision. Either way, Adam and Danielle stand by their choice. Danielle told People, “In the instance of letting Riley move up before her sisters, that was based strictly on her. … Riley’s above and beyond with her intelligence. Knowing where she’s at right now, this was our decision based on her. Of course we looked at the family and how this change affects everyone else.”

Followers have slammed Adam and Danielle Busby’s parenting in the past

It’s not just Riley moving up a grade that has fans calling out Adam and Danielle Busby for their parenting choices. The couple was also called out in the past for a variety of reasons that include making selfish decisions when they were dealing with a mold infestation and not having a fenced-in pool at their rental home, thus leaving their kids susceptible to danger. Not only that, but because Adam and Danielle regularly make time for date nights, they’ve also been called out for leaving their kids behind for some much-deserved one-on-one time.

Adam and Danielle have taken to Instagram to defend themselves and their choices. And more recently, Danielle even reminded all of her followers that putting her life on reality TV while juggling the parenting duties necessary for taking care of six children is hard work. On her Instagram Story, she wrote, “Thank you to the moms out there that lift each other up and not pick out a flaw to exploit! Mommin is hard but is the best gift I have ever been given.” She then added that moms need to allow themselves some grace, too, for all their generosity and dedication.

Adam Busby thinks ‘it’s crazy’ that anyone would critique their parenting

During their interview with People, Adam noted that before either he or Danielle posts anything to social media, they check it carefully to ensure none of their material will be scrutinized. As he told the publication, “people are looking at our photos and looking at our posts under a microscope just to find out what they can criticize about it.” He then added, “It’s crazy. And I don’t know what it is. Is it just to mask one’s own insecurities so they can have this persona online that they have everything together if they shame another mom? It’s really bizarre.”

No matter how hard they try, there will always be someone who finds a flaw in their parenting. As long as Adam and Danielle stay true to themselves and keep making decisions based on what’s best for their family, then the haters don’t have a leg to stand on. We’re excited to see what’s next for the Busbys on the new season of OutDaughtered premiering this October!

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