‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Got Seriously Emotional When Talking About the Quints Fighting

The Busbys from OutDaughtered haven’t been on reality TV for as long as some other TLC families, but they’ve managed to accrue quite a following over the last few years. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. The quints are now 4-years-old — and along with their older sister, Blayke, who’s 8 years old, that means Adam and Danielle are caring for six little girls total.

We remember when the quints were just toddlers. But now that they’re 4, they’re all developing their own personalities and interests. Unfortunately, this means they’re also starting to not get along. And Danielle got quite emotional when discussing what it’s like to have to deal with siblings quarreling.

All 5 of the Busby quintuplets have very different personalities

It was tough to tell the quintuplets apart when they were younger. But now that they’re 4, it’s easy to tell who’s who by both looks and personality.

Hazel is the quint with the red hair and glasses, and she’s also known as the sweetest of the group. Olivia and Ava are the twins, and they’re known for their goofy demeanors. And the two quints who appear to stand out the most in terms of personality are Riley and Parker.

Riley is known as the smartest of the quints. She was the first to move up to kindergarten and is now a full grade level ahead of her sisters. On the other hand, fans know Parker for her extreme anxiety. Parker doesn’t seem to love the cameras, and when all the focus is on her, she panics. For this reason, many OutDaughtered fans have suggested that Parker should be taken off the show.

Riley Busby seems to be the biggest troublemaker

Riley may be the smartest of her sisters, but she’s also known for fighting the most and making Danielle and Adams’ lives more difficult. When the couple found out that Riley tested in the advanced range for her preschool tests, they even noted that they think Riley may act out at home due to boredom. As Danielle said when the test scores were revealed, “I’m starting to wonder if she’s bored and if that’s why she always acts up.”

Danielle has also called Riley the “naughtiest” of the bunch in the past. “The girls are at that age where they’re really testing boundaries, so we’ve starting doing time-out for when they’re bad,” Danielle said during an episode of the show. “Though Riley is usually the naughty one, she really does have a sweet, cuddly side to her. She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way.”

Danielle Busby got emotional when talking about sibling rivalry

We’ve seen the quints fight before, and it seems Riley and Olivia are the ones at each other’s throats the most. “Riley and Olivia have always had, like, rivalry, for some weird reason, from like, such a young age,” Danielle told the cameras in a clip from the show. “Those two have always bickered more than anybody else.” And Adam agreed and stated they don’t “mesh well.”

Adam then stated that a big issue with these two sisters is that Riley wants to be the dominant one of the group, but Olivia takes on the persona of “the performer.” This, in turn, makes Riley angry when Olivia gets attention.

In the clip, Danielle gets super emotional over seeing the trouble Riley seems to cause. “It’s the nighttime that always gets to me …,” Danielle explains. “However hard the day was, and how much I fight with Riley, the nighttimes are always the sweetest. You’re always gonna hear ‘I love you’ no matter what the day was like.”

Will the quints ever grow out of their bickering? Only time will tell!

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