‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Is Getting Emotional Over the Birth of the Quintuplets

Those who watch TLC’s OutDaughtered are quite familiar with the Busby family. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And in addition to their older daughter, Blayke, that makes six daughters total for them to care for. Together, Adam and Danielle work hard to provide the best life possible for their little girls — and they also make time for themselves and their marriage to ensure their family is as happy and healthy as can be.

It’s certainly not an easy road for Adam and Danielle, though. Before the quintuplets were born, there was a lot of concern that the babies wouldn’t be healthy enough to live, or that Danielle would have health difficulties, too. Thankfully, we know everything went smoothly — and it appears Danielle’s getting emotional just thinking about that day. Here’s what she just posted to Instagram.

The Busby quints were born at just 28 weeks old

Since Danielle was having quintuplets, the risk was incredibly high that something could go wrong. And Danielle and Adam have even said in the past that the doctors didn’t want her to have all five babies, either. “At first they didn’t want us to have all five. They wanted us to reduce. And our hearts just couldn’t do that,” she told Houstons’ ABC13. And since they chose not to reduce, this meant Danielle would have to head to the hospital at just 28 weeks of pregnancy to have a C-section for the quints.

As the couple wrote on the It’s a Buzz World blog regarding the birth, “7 board certified neonatologists, Dr. Reiter and his awesome team of surgeons, and COUNTLESS nurses all working together to bring our little miracle babies to this world.” And each quint was around 2 pounds and 14-inches long when born. “The babies are doing great for being 28 week preemies. Our prayers have definitely been answered. We still have a long road in the NICU and will try to get everyone updates as our little Miracles progress,” the couple wrote.

Danielle Busby just posted an emotional photo of herself for NICU Awareness Month

We know all the quints are happy, healthy, and thriving now, but there was a lot of uncertainty at first. In this clip, Adam and Danielle explained that Riley’s lung collapsed when she was born, though the team of doctors was able to repair the damage. And since the birth of the babies was such an emotional rollercoaster for the couple, Danielle is showing her vulnerable side in honor of NICU Awareness Month.

“Saved by my two little Twinkies…after being cry baby mama…from talking about NICU,” she captioned her post on Instagram. Danielle’s shown with sunglasses on and a tear-stained face as Ava and Olivia sneak behind her.

We know the NICU holds a special place in Danielle’s heart, as she’s also praised the doctors who helped her with the birth process, too. As she said in the clip of the medical team at The Women’s Hospital of Texas, “They are so important to us and they are family to us, and they helped our babies survive. … I definitely would have just been in a different mindset without them.”

Fans are showing their support

OutDaughtered fans love knowing what the Busbys are up to — and it’s a nice change to see Danielle getting emotional on the ‘gram. For that reason, her followers are sending her some serious love. “It’s enormously emotional, seeing all those tiny preemies! They were a full trimester early, and every one of them is healthy and well, that is truly amazing!” one follower commented on Danielle’s post. Another wrote, “No one can understand a nicu parents journey, not even other nicu parents. It cuts you to the core. Cry, scream, laugh and love. They’re still with you and you are blessed.”

It was four years ago when the quintuplets were born — and fans can’t wait to see them continue to grow on-screen. The new season of OutDaughtered starts this October on TLC!

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