‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Just Explained How Motherhood Affected Her Relationship With God

We’ve been watching the Busbys on TLC’s OutDaughtered for years, and there’s a reason fans can’t get enough of the unique family. Adam and Danielle Busby first attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the United States. In addition to their older daughter, Blayke, that means they have six young mouths to feed. And while their lives are definitely hectic, they manage to handle their lives with grace and gratitude every day.

Part of the reason Danielle remains some gracious is because of her relationship with God. It’s no secret that the Busbys are a religious bunch, and Danielle has written about her faith many times on her personal blog. Most recently, she wrote an entirely new post about religion again, and she even touched on how motherhood affected how she thinks of Christ.

Danielle Busby believes the quintuplets are a gift from God

Adam and Danielle never had quintuplets in mind when it came to having kids — but they did know they wanted to be parents. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy for the couple to attain pregnancy. In this blog post, Danielle explains her difficult journey with infertility and how it affected both of her pregnancies. Through countless tests, medications for both her and Adam, and finally, intrauterine insemination, Danielle was able to get pregnant with Blayke the first time and the quintuplets the second.

Danielle explained in the blog post that learning she was pregnant with five babies at once was certainly shocking. But because of her strong faith, she trusted that God had big plans for her, so she knew she and Adam were destined to take care of these children. As she wrote, “As challenging as our infertility journey had been and as challenging as our future will be…I would not change anything about it. God knows our hearts and knows our needs and He will always be there to provide for us. Do not ever give up on God…YOU NEVER know how many blessing will come your way.

She also believes God wants her to show her family to the world via OutDaughtered

Not only does Danielle believe she was gifted with quintuplets through Christ, but she also believes God wants her to show the world her family, and thus that’s why she’s on reality TV. On a recent blog post titled “The Public Life …,” she explains that she never aspired to be a reality TV star or have her family put on display. But she believes God is calling her to share her story and potentially bring joy to the lives of others by showing off her huge and unique family.

God does call us to share your story, to be missional, to share in the hopes that one other life may find Jesus. This is Gods design, not ours. He chose us to lead this life and tell HIS story through all the days we live on the earth,” Danielle wrote on the blog. “So we share… and we do share publicly, but that is because we feel God called us to do so. It’s not a bad thing to share or to have a tv show, I  just think the ‘world’ makes it seem like it has to be bad.

Danielle just explained how motherhood helps her understand ‘the meaning of grace’

Once again, Danielle wrote about her relationship to Christ recently on the It’s a Buzz World blog. In her post titled “His Grace,” Danielle explains that she finds the time, energy, and patience to raise her kids through the grace of God. “I’ll admit that I fall short daily, as I’m sure we all do,” Danielle wrote, “so resting in the assurance that nothing can change his love for me, for us, is beautiful.”

Not only does Danielle find motivation through the strength of God, but she also wrote that becoming a mother to six little girls has helped her attain a deeper understanding of her religion. “Since I have been a mother, understanding the meaning of grace is so much clearer. … It is so important to show our kids that our love is there no matter how they act and even when they fail. Just as Gods grace and love are there for us,” the mom wrote. And she ended her post by explaining that she’ll always be there to help her children find the grace of Jesus in their own lives as they grow.

Keep on keeping on, Danielle! As a fan commented on the blog post, “You are such a beautiful & inspirational person, inside & out!”

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