‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Just Explained Why She Keeps ‘Marriage a Priority’ in Her Life

Fans of OutDaughtered are ecstatic that the Busbys are back, as we can’t wait to see what Adam and Danielle Busby are getting into with their six daughters next. We know the couple first attained fame for having the first set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And since they also have their older daughter, Blayke, that makes six kids total.

Adam and Danielle view all of their little girls as a blessing, though of course, being parents to six isn’t easy. Even so, Danielle makes sure to make her marriage a major priority in her life, and she just wrote about it on her It’s a Buzz World blog. Here’s what she said.

Danielle Busby has talked about how difficult it is to take care of 6 kids

Having one child is difficult enough for most parents, so we can’t imagine the time and energy it takes to care for six. Not only that, but it also takes courage to put your whole life on television for all to see and critique. Fans adore how candid Adam and Danielle get when it comes to raising their little ones, however, as they admit that it’s no walk in the park. As Danielle wrote on her blog, “It is not easy to be a mom of six girls…and it’s not easy to actually capture and film your life on the regular.”

Danielle’s also mentioned how hard it is being a mother to six to Us Weekly, especially now that the quints are 4-years-old. “Right now, the challenge is we no longer have these kids that just listen to us. We now have six different opinions in the house …. The challenge is answering one at a time … they want what they want … it’s the battle of who wins,” she told the publication.

She’s discussed the importance of date nights with Adam

Taking care of six children can put a ton of stress on a marriage, but Adam and Danielle manage to keep their bond strong. And one of the many ways they continue to foster their relationship is through weekly date nights. “Don’t ever give up on your date nights,” Danielle told Us Weekly. “t’s all about a schedule …. We hear, I think, most from other couples is that, ‘we just don’t have time.’ Well, we don’t have time, we just make time, and so that’s the advice is just find that day and make the time.”

Danielle and Adam often post on social media about their date nights, too — though of course, they’ve received some backlash. Danielle isn’t afraid to call out her haters online, though. She captioned this Instagram post of her and Adam, “Hey Mr Bow Tie. Sure did bring that sexy back…here…there.. & just always @adambuzz. ..and … For those of you who are gonna get mad bc yes, we have gone on another date… well, here is to love.”

Danielle just wrote about keeping marriage ‘a priority’ for her

Once again, Danielle discussed the critique she receives for her date nights on her blog. And she noted how important it is to her that she keeps the upkeep of her marriage high on the priority list. “We whole-heartedly feel like by taking care of our marriage first, we are doing what is best for our kids,” Danielle wrote. “One of the essential things that children need is a loving and secure home and to us that need can be met only by making sure the relationship between Adam and I is strong.”

Danielle went on to explain that she also seeks guidance from God when it comes to her marriage and taking care of her family. And she encouraged her followers to spend more time than usual with their spouse. “So, we want to challenge you to take some time to talk with your spouse about how you two can make your marriage a priority. Pull out your calendars, and see when you can set aside time for just the two of you. …  When your children see you making time for one another, it will model for them how to be with their future spouse.”

We’re happy to see Danielle and Adam making time for each other despite their hectic schedules!

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