‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Recently Reminded Everyone That ‘Mommin Is Hard’ on Her Instagram Story

The Busbys may be relative newcomers to reality TV, but they’ve attained quite a following thanks to their unique family and lovable attitude. Adam and Danielle Busby feature their six daughters on TLC’s OutDaughtered, and they’re the parents of the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. While the show first started when the quints were just babies, their oldest daughter, Blayke, is now 8, and the five little ones are already 4.

There’s no doubt preparing for five babies at once was tough on Adam and Danielle, but now that the quints are getting older, they’ve noted how parenting has become even harder. And Danielle recently took to her Instagram Story to give a shout out to all of the moms trying to do the best they can for their kids.

Adam and Danielle Busby note the struggles of raising six daughters

Raising one child is hard enough, so Adam and Danielle are true superheroes for raising five little girls at once. As Adam mentioned during an Us Weekly interview, “It’s a little easier with just one. It’s a reminder of how slow life was when we just had one. And things are so much more different now.” And Danielle also noted that “the hard phases change” when it comes to raising her kids. Right now, the challenge seems to be that the kids are growing into their own personalities — and keeping up with each of them proves challenging.

As Danielle told Us Weekly, “Right now, the challenge is we no longer have these kids that just listen to us. We now have six different opinions in the house …. The challenge is answering one at a time … they want what they want … it’s the battle of who wins.”

Danielle is often criticized for her parenting and attitude

Despite Danielle juggling all of her parenting duties, she’s certainly not immune to criticism. We recently saw Danielle and Adam forced to leave their home with their kids due to a mold infestation. And fans were quick to call Danielle “selfish” when she temporarily moved her whole family into her sister’s home. And Danielle was also recently slammed for appearing visibly upset with Adam when he accepted a job offer that ultimately seemed to benefit their whole family.

Not only that, but Adam and Danielle are also criticized for taking weekly date nights, though they’ve noted many times in the past that these nights are vital to keeping a healthy marriage. Danielle even clapped back at the hate with this Instagram photo of her and Adam. “Hey Mr Bow Tie. Sure did bring that sexy back…here…there.. & just always @adambuzz. ..and … For those of you who are gonna get mad bc yes, we have gone on another date… well, here is to love [sic],” she captioned the post.

She recently wrote about the difficulties of being a mom on her Instagram Story

Danielle Busby's Instagram Story
Danielle Busby’s Instagram Story | Danielle Busby via Instagram Story

Danielle’s Instagram is full of photos of the girls and Adam, but she still touches on some personal experiences she has a mom, too. And she recently posted a message about motherhood to her Instagram Story. After one of her followers called her an “amazing mother,” Danielle wrote, “Messages like these mean the world to me! Thank you to the moms out there that lift each other up and not pick out a flaw to exploit! Mommin is hard but is the best gift I have ever been given.” She then ends the sentiment with a reminder that all moms should give themselves “some grace.”

While some may be quick to judge this supporter who Danielle called out certainly isn’t the only one on her side. “They are raising 6 kids; all of them are girls. I would like to see you try and raise 6 girls that are all yours,” another follower commented on this Instagram clip. And another commented on this photo of Danielle with the quints, “This is one of the most positive shows on tv.”

We can’t wait for OutDaughtered to return soon to see even more of what the Busbys are up to!

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