‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Said She Turned Into the Mom She ‘Swore’ She’d ‘Never Be’

Everyone loves the Busbys on TLC’s OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby are famous for having a set of 4-year-old female quintuplets and an 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, which makes six little girls in total. While they never anticipated having so many kids at once, Adam and Danielle are making the best of it and sharing their journey in parenting, their marriage, and day-to-day life with their fans.

Danielle takes parenting ultra-seriously, as she hopes to give her daughters the best life possible while also showing the world how amazing her family is via reality TV. Sadly, in one clip from the show, Danielle mentioned she’s become the mom she “swore” she would “never be.” Here’s why she said that.

Danielle Busby is all about living a healthy lifestyle

Looking at Danielle, you’d never know she had quintuplets. The fit mom always makes time to stay as healthy as possible by doing workouts at home and making healthy meals for her whole family. In fact, both Adam and Danielle have even owned their own cycling studio in Texas.

“There are days I am actually able to get away and go to the gym, but as a mom of six, it doesn’t happen too often, and I try my best to do workouts at home,” Danielle told TLC. As for what her at-home workouts entail, she noted she likes to do push-ups and sit-ups for strength, and she uses the stairs for cardio.

She doesn’t try to fit a full workout in one session, either. On most days, she’ll fit in fitness when she can, which is sporadically throughout the day.

She and Adam took the quints in for their vaccines

Adam and Danielle are very responsible when it comes to the quints’ health, so they took them in for check-ups and vaccines during the sixth season of the show.

Last time the quints got their shots, it was a disaster that ended in tears and misery for all — and Danielle and Adam expected the worst. “Five 4-year-olds getting shots,” Adam reminded the cameras with an exhausted look. And Danielle followed that with, “I’m just anticipating screams.”

The vaccines went better than expected for the quints, though that’s not all that was mentioned during the doctor visit. The doctor also asked the quints about their fruit and veggie intake — and to that, Danielle interjected.

“We try,” Danielle told the pediatrician who’s known the quints since they were babies. “I’ll just leave it at that, but I’m not very good at fighting with the vegetables, you know, like, I’m the mom I never wanted to be when it comes to food.” The doctor then reminded Danielle that at this point in the quints’ lives, they need to start learning how to make healthy food choices.

Why Danielle says she’s the type of mom she promised herself she wouldn’t be

The visit went successfully, but during the car ride home, Danielle reflected on her choices as a mom. “All I can think about now is what Dr. Kimball said, you know,” Danielle told Adam. “I’ve become the parent I swore I’d never be with, like, the quick fix meal, you know? I never wanted to be the chicken nugget mom. And I’ve turned into the chicken nugget mom.”

Adam reminded Danielle that cooking dinner for six kids is quite the undertaking, so she shouldn’t be too hard on herself. But Danielle fired back that she and Adam have to get their girls to eat “something green.” “We have to figure out something ’cause we’re not eating nuggets every day,” Danielle reiterated.

We’re sure Adam and Danielle will figure out some healthy, quick meal options for their daughters soon enough!

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