‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Said This Quintuplet Is the Most Stubborn

We’ve been keeping up with the Busbys for years on OutDaughtered, and it’s hard to believe how fast Adam and Danielle Busby’s kids are growing. Blayke, their oldest daughter, is already 8 years old and entering the third grade. And their five other daughters — the only all-female quintuplets in the U.S. — are already 4 years old, too.

Now that the quints are growing out of the toddler phase and into big kids, they’re all starting to develop their own personalities, too. Fans often think of Hazel as the sweet one, Riley as the smart and bossy one, and Ava and Olivia as the goofy twins. But there’s one quint who’s also known as the most stubborn, according to Danielle.

Adam and Danielle Busby have spoken about Parker’s anxiety in the past

As stated before, the quintuplets are already showing their totally different personality traits — and if there’s any Busby child who’s camera-shy, it’s Parker Kate. Fans of the show may recall the multiple times Parker displayed her anxiety on-screen, especially when she’s in front of strangers or a crowd. When all the quints were singing Christmas carols, Parker began crying, for example. And during her dental check-up, she also couldn’t get her teeth cleaned due to fear and having a tantrum. As Adam said in this clip, “It just seems like all of the girls are taking this huge step forward and Parker’s just going the other direction.”

Adam and Danielle are also taking Parker’s issues quite seriously. They took the quint to see an occupational therapist to get a professional opinion on the matter. As the therapist explained, “When I would ask her questions, she really didn’t respond. She would look toward her parents, so I was trying to get her to play and get her comfortable so I could see what’s going on with her and why she was shutting down.”

Danielle also called Parker the most stubborn quintuplet

It seems it’s not just Parker’s anxiety that’s noticeable to Adam and Danielle. In this clip of the Busbys getting ready to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, Danielle discusses Parker’s attitude once again. And in addition to being the anxious quint, Danielle’s also now calling her the most stubborn one.

“Yes, she’s very shy, and she doesn’t like change, she doesn’t like anybody new,” Adam said in the clip about Parker. “But then, on the other hand, she has a very, very strong voice. She’s smart, she just doesn’t like to let you know it.” And Danielle agreed with this assessment. “She’s super stubborn. She’s the most stubborn, honestly,” the mom added.

Some fans think Parker shouldn’t be on TV

With her stubborn attitude, strong will, and shy side, Parker brings an interesting dynamic to the Busby household. But some OutDaughtered fans think it may be best if she stays out of the realm of reality TV. “Maybe being on a TV show isn’t the best for her then,” one fan commented on the video of Parker visiting the therapist — and many others seemed to agree. Another commented, “Yeah, but she’s older now, and they [the cameras] could be bothering her. Remember, the cameras are not always there, only for a few months. They need to look at her behavior when she’s free of them. If she’s better, time for therapy or the end of the show.”

Others, however, think it’s just the new situations that are getting to Parker instead of the show spotlight. “When she play amongst her sisters she is fine but being placed in new situations is what causes her to break down,” another added.

No matter what’s going on with Parker Kate, it seems Adam and Danielle are committed to getting her help in any way they can. And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of the quints once OutDaughtered returns in the fall.

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