‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Adore Seeing Parker Busby Smile in This Clip From the Show

We’ve been watching the Busbys for years thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered, and it’s hard to believe how quickly Adam and Danielle Busby’s kids have grown. We know the Busby couple best for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And since they also have their older daughter, Blayke, this means Adam and Danielle are caring for six kids under the age of 10, which certainly keeps them busy.

The quintuplets are 4 years old now, and fans are getting to know each quint’s likes, dislikes, and personalities. And the quint who sticks out the most for her discomfort on camera seems to be Parker Kate. Adam and Danielle have sought out help for Parker’s anxiety in the past, but fans have still shown their concern. One recent clip from the program shows Parker smiling and having a blast on camera, however — and fans are loving it.

Parker Busby has had her anxiety assessed by professionals

Danielle has remarked on the new difficulties she’s experiencing now that the quints are getting older, and it’s clear how distinct their personalities are becoming. While Riley is known for being the smartest quint, Hazel is known for her sweet demeanor, and Olivia and Ava are the goofy twins, Parker’s known for being the shyest of the bunch. Unfortunately, her shyness seems to be serious anxiety — and the cameras don’t seem to be helping.

Adam and Danielle have become increasingly aware and worried about Parker’s mental state, too. We can’t forget that the couple took the quint to a consultation with an occupational therapist, and the OT also remarked on how quiet and reserved the little girl was. “I’m glad we’re taking this step and I’m hoping that we just come away with it with a better understanding of how we can help her,” Adam said in this clip.

Fans have noticed she’s come out of her shell more lately

Parker is still shyer than her siblings, but fans have noticed she seems to be coming out of her shell more lately. Adam recently posted a photo of Parker with one of her twin sisters on Instagram, and Parker’s looking happier than ever to be modeling for her dad. “Now that mommy has a new boutique, t’s really crazy how much they love modeling the new lines in my studio. I swear Parker begs to try on samples and wants me to set up the studio for her,” Adam captioned the post. And fans commented on how happy the little girl looks, too.

“Parker’s a natural beauty. Those lips! Maybe encouraging her obvious natural talent to help overcome her shyness?” one fan commented on the photo. And another added, “You don’t know how happy this makes me! It’s great to hear that Parker is eager to be a little model.”

‘OutDaughtered’ fans are commenting on how happy she looks in this clip

It’s not just one Instagram post that has fans excited for Parker, either. This clip from OutDaughtered shows the Busbys celebrating Adam’s birthday while visiting a dude ranch, and all the Busby kids and relatives look excited to surprise Adam with a cake. “Never in a million years that I think I’d be spending my 37th birthday dressed up as a cowboy out on a dude ranch,” Adam stated in the video. And he then had Parker greet him with a big smile and an “I love you” as he was surrounded by family and friends on the special day.

Fans thought the celebration looked like fun, but they were particularly happy to see Parker smiling so much in the video. “I just love seeing parker smile..its so adorable,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Parker is so sweet and smart! Love seeing her smile!”

Hopefully, this smile is one of many to come. And we’re hopeful Parker’s working through her anxiety as she ages.

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