‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Asking Where Danielle and Adam Busby’s 6 Daughters Are in This Instagram Post

With so many large and interesting families on TLC, it’s tough to know which ones are worth watching. But fans have found a special place in their hearts for Adam and Danielle Busby. The loveable parents on OutDaughtered are dad and mom to six daughters, five of whom are quintuplets. And while we remember when the Busby quints were just babies, they’re growing up fast and as adorable (and troublesome) as ever.

Like all parents, Adam and Danielle need to get away every once in a while. And while they just took a vacation and posted about it to Instagram, fans were wondering where their six children were. Here’s what we know.

Adam and Danielle Busby are facing new challenges as the quintuplets get older

Fans absolutely adore the Busby quints, but there’s no doubt life is getting more challenging for Adam and Danielle as their kids age. Blayke, the oldest daughter, is 8, and she helps her parents take care of the 4-year-old quintuplets. And during an interview with Us Weekly, Danielle explained the different challenges she and Adam are going through now that the quints aren’t babies anymore.

“The hard phases change. And right now the challenge is we no longer have these kids that just listen to us,” Danielle said. “We now have six different opinions in the house … The challenge is answering one at a time.” On OutDaughtered, Adam even stated how challenging it was to take care of the quints when he was left to his own devices. “One of the reasons I decided to work from home is so I could spend more time with my kids. But now that they’re 3½, these girls are way, way, way worse than I could even have imagined,” he mentioned in this clip.

The couple’s celebrating their anniversary vacation with no kids

If there’s any couple who deserves a vacation, it’s Adam and Danielle. And it seems they’re taking relaxation to the next level. They’re celebrating their anniversary together in Cozumel, Mexico — and judging from the photos they both have been posting to Instagram, the two look happier than ever to have some alone time.

As Danielle captioned this photo of her and Adam in the beautiful blue waters of Mexico, “Sorry we won’t be tweeting tonight during #outdaughtered but me and Buzz on #vacay#anniversarytrip so y’all watch and let us know what you thought of episode!!!” Adam also posted numerous photos of him and Danielle having fun together. “Another great getaway with my one and only. Batteries are recharged and ready to get back to houston and hit the ground running. Happy 13 years Beautiful [sic],” he captioned this post.

While many of their fans expressed how happy they were that the two could get away, many others noticed that their six daughters were nowhere to be seen. And that sparked conversation on the ‘gram, too.

Fans have flocked to Instagram to question where their daughters are

It seems many of Adam’s followers couldn’t get over the fact that the Busby daughters weren’t with their parents. As one follower commented on this photo of Adam and Danielle, “I was always afraid to leave my girls with anyone, even to go see a movie lol, but I did not have any relatives near by. Maybe they help out when you get to be alone on a trip.”

To that, Adam let them know what occurs with the girls when he and his wife need some alone time. “I would say that 95% of times that we go out (and we make it a point to get away from the house once a week to focus on us) the girls are not being watched by a family member. We just made it a priority to seek out people that we trust to focus on the most important relationship in our home,” he responded.

Others reminded Adam and Danielle’s followers that knowing exactly where the girls are is really none of their business, anyway. And knowing how responsible the parents are, we know their daughters are in good hands. Happy anniversary to the Busbys!

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