‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Blaming Danielle Busby for Being Unfairly Angry with Adam Busby

We remember when the Busby quints were just learning to crawl, and it’s hard to believe they’re not full-grown toddlers on OutDaughtered. And while fans adore watching the TLC show to see what the quints and their older, 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, are getting into next, we also absolutely adore Adam and Danielle Busby. Adam and Danielle are amazing, loving parents who would do anything for their kids. And despite the difficulties of raising six daughters, they continue to show their love for one another with their weekly date nights and private vacation getaways.

Unfortunately, Danielle and Adam quarreled over Adam’s future job most recently on the show. And fans think Danielle’s reaction to Adam was totally uncalled for. Here’s what they’re saying.

Adam and Danielle Busby recently argued over a job opportunity for Adam

Feeding a family of eight certainly isn’t easy, but it seems Adam and Danielle had differing opinions on a job offer suggested to Adam. In Touch Weekly notes on the most recent season finale of OutDaughtered, Adam discussed a potential job opportunity that would prove to be quite lucrative. The job would require the Busbys to relocate to Dallas, Texas, however — and since the family just recently moved out of their mold-infested home and into a temporary house, moving once again seemed like a huge burden. Danielle said no to moving, and Adam ditched the job.

It doesn’t end there, however. The publication notes Adam was offered yet another lucrative job opportunity that didn’t require a big move, though it did require some minimal amount of travel per month. We know he took it without consulting Danielle. Unfortunately, Danielle was upset at his lack of communication. The two were seen arguing about the decision all throughout the episode.

Fans just called out Danielle for being unfairly upset

Since Adam isn’t requiring his family to relocate and he’s likely going to make more money with his new position, fans are wondering why Danielle’s upset with her husband. And they took to her Instagram to question what the big deal was.

“Your husband accepted a good job to better you and your kids why are you angry? [sic],” one fan asked on this Instagram photo of Danielle performing a handstand. Another commented, “Danielle get off the hubbies back. He’s working from home and seems this job is God sent. You’ve got lots of support [sic].” Yet another added, “Danielle has plenty of help Adam is trying to provide for his family! Adam is always accommodating Danielle with whatever house she wants & what ever she wants ect… ridiculous [sic].”

This isn’t the first time Danielle has been called selfish by fans

Sadly for Danielle, this is far from the first time she’s been criticized by her OutDaughtered followers. We can’t forget that she was called selfish when she initially moved all of her daughters into her sister’s house for a brief time when she was dealing with the mold in her house. “I think it was very selfish to intrude on your sister’s household. You knew she wouldn’t say no you couldn’t stay but y’all should have gotten a hotel room. No way you should be moving eight people in someone’s home,” one follower commented on this Instagram clip.

Even with the critique, there are plenty of viewers who are supportive of Danielle and want the best for her and her family. “I know that there will always be people that have nothing better to do but pick your lives apart, however, always try to remember that you and Adam were chosen for this life, this family, these girls… above anyone else,” a kind supporter commented on Instagram.

Despite the arguments, we know Adam and Danielle truly love each other and will get through this rough patch. We’re excited to see what next season has in store.

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