‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Are Blasting Adam and Danielle Busby for Promoting This Product on Instagram

We’ve been watching the Busbys for years, and it’s hard to believe how grown-up Adam and Danielle’s kids are now. Blayke, their oldest daughter, is 8 years old and entering the third grade. And their 4-year-old quintuplets are all entering pre-K with the exception of Riley, who’s now entering Kindergarten on her own. While the last season of OutDaughtered recently ended, we can’t wait for the show to resume in October so we can fully catch up — but until then, Adam and Danielle are diligent with posting updates on social media.

Most recently, Adam posted a photo of him and the quints poolside to his and Danielle’s group Instagram. Unfortunately, the product he’s promoting in the photo totally missed the mark with many Busby followers.

The Busbys are no strangers to promoting various products on social media

Adam and Danielle Busby are one of the busiest duos around, as having quintuplets was never part of their plan. Now that they have six daughters, however, they manage to make time for all of their girls, their work, and their relationship with each other. And they’ve taken to advertising various products that have helped them along the way.

Danielle recently promoted a new insect killer from Raid, as her girls and the family dog are always leaving behind crumbs. Not only that, but the Busbys are also huge supporters of the educational toys from Learning Resources — and they recently posted about their $50,000 donation of the company’s toys on Instagram. And since the busy parents want to make sure their girls are getting the proper nutrients they need, they also partnered with IDLife Kids Nutrition supplements to promote this product.

While this may seem like a lot of promotion, the Busbys have made it clear that they truly believe in what they push online, and they’re incredibly motivated by their belief that God wants them to share their stories.

Fans grew angry when the family promoted plastic party cups

Many OutDaughtered fans enjoy what the Busbys promote, but it seems not everyone’s on board with their latest promotion. Adam posted to the It’s a Buzz World Instagram for Hefty plastic cups. “The Quints and I are game planning for our BIG Labor Day pool party! We’ve got everything we need for Labor Day with @heftybrands Party Cups!” he captioned the post showing him and the quints by the pool with plenty of cups nearby. Adam then went on to explain a giveaway hosted by Hefty that his followers can participate in.

Unfortunately, it seems the post didn’t quite hit the mark with the environmentalist followers. “I hope they’re not plastic cups. :(
Please teach the future generations to boycott one-time-use plastic or the world won’t be so nice for them to live in when we’re gone,” one follower commented. Another added, “NO PLASTIC.” Yet another commented, “Plastic … you should use biodegradable even if you have a lot of family, planet is first, just something to think.”

This is far from the first time the Busbys have been criticized

Like any reality TV couple, as well-intentioned as the Busbys are, they’re not immune to criticism. We can’t forget that after Adam and Danielle said they made time for regular date nights, many of their followers called them out for not spending ample time with the kids. And others criticized Danielle for being unfairly rude to Adam when talk of him taking on a new job came up in last season’s finale.

Adam and Danielle are well-aware that they can’t please everyone, so they continue to do the best they can. Despite the criticism on the cups, we’re sure they won’t stop posting products they believe in and partnerships that help them with their little ones. And they’ll always have their loyal followers who love and appreciate them no matter what.

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