‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Freaking Out That Riley Busby Is Going to Kindergarten and the Other Quints Aren’t

They may not have the longest run on reality TV, but there’s no doubt that the Busbys have a serious following thanks to TLC’s OutDaughtered. Adam and Danielle Busby attained fame for having the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. In addition to their older daughter, Blayke, that means there are six little girls running around the Busby household, which certainly keeps Adam and Danielle on their toes.

All of their kids are growing up fast, too — and it’s hard to believe the quints and Blayke are heading off to school. It seems one of the quintuplets is going to a different class than the rest of her sisters, however. Here’s what Danielle just posted about Riley on Instagram and what fans are saying about it.

Adam and Danielle Busby recently posted about their daughters’ first days of school

Danielle and Adam are honest and real with their followers, and even when their show is between seasons, they post about what’s going on in their lives on their Instagrams. And recently, they started posting about back-to-school season. Adam featured Blayke on his Instagram most recently, as she got a new haircut to celebrate going into the third grade. And on Adam and Danielle’s joint Instagram, they posted a sweet photo of all of their girls together preparing for their first day back.

“First day of school! Blayke 3rd grade. Riley kindergarten. Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker upper rotation Pre-K. Let your light shine bright girls! ❤️ mommy and Daddy love you BIG!” the excited parents captioned the photo. And while the photo is adorable, it left followers with many questions as to why Riley was the odd one out from her sisters.

Fans are questioning why Riley is going to kindergarten

As the quintuplets age, we’re beginning to see more of their personalities shine through — and Riley has certainly stood out amongst her sisters. Not only have many OutDaughtered fans said that Riley is their favorite, but she’s also built up a reputation for being the most rambunctious quints. People reports Danielle once said during an episode of the show, “Though Riley is usually the naughty one, she really does have a sweet, cuddly side to her. She wants to do good, but her personality just kind of gets in the way.”

It also didn’t get past fans on Instagram that Riley was the only quintuplet going to kindergarten while her sisters were all headed to pre-k. As one fan commented, “wow riley is going to kindergarten already?!?! i’m guessing she’s very very bright!” And another added, “Wow Riley is going to kindergarten! Wondering how hard this decision was?” Yet another commented, “So Riley is always gonna be a grade above the other girls?”

Riley has a reputation as being the smartest quint

It appears Riley scored so well on her preschool evaluation that she can move right up to kindergarten. In this clip from the show, the owner of the preschool shares Riley’s test results with Adam and Danielle — and the quint’s scores were off the charts. While the average score for the test was 40, Riley scored an 84. “That’s very unusual,” the preschool owner said. “If we can get her to scoring about an 84 on test three, I want us to really look at putting her in the advanced placement class, which is a really big deal.”

The high test scores also had Danielle thinking that some of Riley’s acting out could be because she’s not being mentally stimulated enough at home. “I’m starting to wonder if she’s bored and if that’s why she always acts up,” Danielle said in the clip.

It seems Adam and Danielle are doing everything they can to facilitate Riley’s high level of intelligence. And we’re excited to hear how all their six kids do on their first days back to school! Hopefully, on the next season of OutDaughtered that’s coming this fall, we’ll hear all about it!

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