‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Getting Annoyed By Paid Posts on Danielle Busby’s Instagram

Raising six kids isn’t cheap. So you can hardly blame Adam and Danielle Busby for looking for different ways to increase their income. But when Danielle shared a post on Instagram promoting frozen pizza, some OutDaughtered fans let her know that they were disappointed to see her shilling products on social media

Danielle posted an ad for Red Baron frozen pizza 

The mom of six (including five quintuplets) took to Instagram to promote Red Baron frozen pizza to her 1.1 million followers. 

“Y’all saw how much my girls love their pizza on last night’s #OutDaughtered! 🤣 Reminder to self: Stock up on “Mamarella” (aka mozzarealla) @redbaronpizza for Halloween weekend so everyone is satisfied and ready to trick-or-treat!” she wrote, adding the hashtags #PizzaParentWin and #ad.

The post was accompanied by a cute photo of the quints and oldest Busby daughter Blayke sitting around the kitchen table enjoying their pizza. 

Danielle has talked in the past about the struggles of managing a house filled with six kids and making sure everyone gets fed. 

“The most difficult part of having a large family is just the logistics of doing anything and everything. It takes some thought to do everything from cooking dinner to getting out of the house,” she told Country Living. Given that she’s definitely got her hands full, a post promoting an easy meal solution like frozen pizza seems pretty on-brand for her. 

Some ‘OutDaughtered’ fans were annoyed by the post 

The Busby family
The Busby family | TLC

While some fans seemed charmed by the photo of the Busby girls enjoying their pizza, others were annoyed by what one called a “shameless plug.”

“They use their poor kids to earn money,” wrote one person.

“Working that money train,” commented one. 

“Everything is an #ad anymore!!” added another peeved fan. 

“Why does everyone cave!!! Keep the post about your darling family and skip the paid for product post,” read another comment. 

Several people commented that they were also noticing product placements in episodes of OutDaughtered for everything from Aldi to Xfinity. I love watching the girls but it’s so staged now. Does everything have to be about $$ with y’all?” asked one person. 

Some people didn’t have an issue with the ad 

While a few people seemed annoyed with the ads on Instagram and within the family’s TLC show, others pointed out that the Busbys were simply being smart and taking advantage of different opportunities to earn money. 

“With 6 kids to raise, I would be doing what I could too,” replied one follower. 

“Get that money 💰 girl 👏🏼👏🏼” added another. 

Sponsored posts on Instagram aren’t the only way the Busbys are making money. In addition to their TV show, for which they earn an estimated $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, Danielle has a fitness clothing line and Adam works full-time. Until recently, he was a key account manager with Intrinsic Solutions/Sprint Safety, but he recently left that position for a new role as a partner at a health and wellness company in Dallas.

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