‘OutDaughtered’: Fans Are Praising Adam and Danielle Busby for Letting Their Quintuplets Be Individuals

With so many unique families featured on reality TV, it can be tough to tell who’s best to watch. But Adam and Danielle Busby keep proving they’re wholesome, happy, and absolute superheroes when it comes to raising their kids. The Busby couple has six children — their 8-year-old daughter, Blayke, and their 4-year-old quintuplets. And while they started OutDaughtered when the quints were just babies, the kids are growing up fast. So fast, in fact, that Adam and Danielle are posting online about sending the girls off to school.

Adam and Danielle aren’t immune to criticism, of course, but it seems fans are loving how they treat each quintuplet as an individual. Here’s the high praise they’re receiving.

Danielle Busby has written about her daughters’ individual personalities before

With so many little girls the same age, it’d be easy for Adam and Danielle Busby to lump them all together and ignore their needs as individuals. But the couple has worked hard to understand that each quint has her own personality, wants, and needs. When the quints all turned 3 years old, Danielle wrote a blog post explaining how their personalities were already starting to develop at such a young age. And while it’s tough keeping up with so many different kids, she loves getting to know them and seeing them become the kids they are today.

On the post, Danielle explained that Ava and Olivia, the identical twins of the quints, are very dependent on each other but still the “goofy ones” of the group. As for Hazel, she’s the most independent of them all and also seems to have the sweetest demeanor. Riley, of course, is notorious for being the most troublesome, as she’s very intelligent and is frequently getting into trouble. And finally, Parker is the most antisocial of the quints, but she also has a strong sense of self. Adam and Danielle are doing their best to address Parker’s anxiety, too.

One of the quintuplets is heading to kindergarten while the rest are in pre-K

Since Danielle and Adam recognize how different their babies are, they’re also acknowledging that all of the quints aren’t going to learn at the same pace, either. On the last season of OutDaughtered, fans saw the quints get their intelligence evaluated for preschool. And Riley stood out far and above the rest. While the average score was a 40, Riley scored an 84 on her first test — and for that reason, Adam and Danielle shared on Instagram that she was heading into kindergarten while the other four quints were going to pre-K.

“First day of school! Blayke 3rd grade. Riley kindergarten. Ava, Olivia, Hazel, and Parker upper rotation Pre-K. Let your light shine bright girls!” the couple captioned their post of all their daughters heading to school. And both Danielle and Adam have made their own individual blog posts about Riley’s big first day in Kindergarten, too.

“Riley Paige gets to ride with us every morning now since she is in the private kindergarten class at the Quints school and goes everyday,” Danielle captioned her post. And Adam captioned this photo of an adorable sleeping Riley, “First day of kindergarten in the books and she CRUSHED it! So incredibly proud of this little kid. When she wants something, there is nothing going to stand in her way and she is right at home forging her own path.”

Fans are happy the parents are letting them all develop at their own pace

Every parent has a different way of guiding their children through life, and while Adam and Danielle certainly try their best, they’re not immune to criticism. Even so, it seems their fans are totally behind them in how they’re treating each child’s wants and needs. Danielle posted this sweet photo of four of the quints with the caption, “Take one quint out the mix and the house is seriously so much quieter (FYI…bc iā€™m sure i will get asked… Blayke started third grade & Riley started private kindergarten at the quints school and she goes everyday …. and SHE LOVES IT!).” And fans flocked to the comments to show their support.

“I am so glad you let her be her own person! They are not clones of each other. It is wonderful that you see them as individuals. Not all multiple parents do,” a supportive fan commented. Another added, “I love that they are quints but you treat them as individuals! Riley is ready for that and needs that! Each child has different needs.”

Adam and Danielle aren’t sure if Riley will always be a grade ahead of her sisters, but they’re willing to take everything one step at a time. For now, we’re just happy to keep getting as many updates on the quints as we do!

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