‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Worried About Danielle and Adam Busby’s ‘Juice Cleanse Detox’

From the Duggars to the Gosselins, there are plenty of large families featured on TLC’s network. But the Busbys are the newcomers who are taking the reality TV world by storm. Danielle and Adam Busby have six daughters — one 8-year-old, Blayke, and 4-year-old quintuplets — and fans love watching them navigate life with their kids on OutDaughtered. While there are plenty of difficulties in Adam and Danielle’s lives, they make it work through their unending love and support for each other, too.

Fans admire Adam and Danielle for their parenting, but they also love that the couple still makes times for themselves. Unfortunately, their latest juice cleanse seemed to miss the mark with some fans. Here’s what they posted and what fans are saying.

Adam and Danielle Busby make health a priority even with six daughters

Adam and Danielle are busy, but they still maintain what’s important to them. From regular date nights to everyday exercises, they’ve both noted that it’s not about having the time, but rather making the time. And when it comes to fitness, both Adam and Danielle absolutely adore a good workout. Danielle’s Instagram alone features her performing handstands in all different locations, and she even has her own line of fitness clothing. As for how the busy parents make it work, Danielle has a video of tips that TLC posted, too.

“You find time to eat, you find time to sleep, well, I try to find time to get some fitness in every day,” she tells the camera while the quints are running around behind her. And while the attempts to show the cameras some of her favorite moves, all of her kids definitely get in the way. And we’re sure chasing six kids around is certainly quite a bit of exercise, too.

They’re not immune to criticism, however

Overall, fans love Adam and Danielle and think they’re excellent parents — but there are always some fans who don’t hold back on the criticism. Many have assumed Danielle has gotten a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery to make her look as good as she does, but Adam has come to his wife’s defense online to ensure that’s not the case. And fitness aside, the Busbys also receive flack for vacationing without the quints and taking time away for themselves.

Recently, Adam and Danielle took a vacation to Mexico to celebrate their anniversary, and fans questioned why and where they left all their kids. “I would say that 95% of times that we go out (and we make it a point to get away from the house once a week to focus on us) the girls are not being watched by a family member. We just made it a priority to seek out people that we trust to focus on the most important relationship in our home,” Adam explained via Instagram.

Danielle made her own snarky Instagram post for the haters, too. ” For those of you who are gonna get mad bc yes, we have gone on another date… well, here is to love [sic],” she captioned this photo of her and Adam.

Fans are concerned about the juice cleanse they shared on Instagram

It seems fans have taken to Danielle’s Instagram once again to express concern — but this time, it’s over her and Adam’s choice to do a juice cleanse post-vacation. Danielle posted this photo of her and her husband drinking juice with the caption, “Day 1 juice cleanse Detox starts now! I am 99% sure I wouldn’t be able to make it though these 4 days without someone doing it with me… @adambuzz & @priscilla_hartranft, we gonna keep each other motivated and get through this!!! [sic].”

“No scientific proof out there detox works in fact it’s actually bad for the body an can cause damage … [sic],” one fan commented. And another added, “Why? Juice has an incredible amount of sugar.” Yet another commented, “Juice ‘detoxes’ are a scam. Your liver and kidneys detox your body for you already,” and another follower commented on this one, “You are so right! Your body has a natural detox (kidneys).. There is no scientific proof these work [sic].”

Not everyone was a downer on Danielle and Adam’s detox, though. Plenty of other followers were supportive and even asked the couple how they managed to stick it out. As for if the couple will listen to the concerned followers, we’ll have to wait and see.

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